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  Das Dunkle
22:00 – 23:00  New Monday   Black Angel
 Dark Hit Mix  HOT
...but dark
...but dark
23:00 – 00:00       Dark Hit Mix      HOT
...but dark

Playlist #newmonday 4th edition 2023
START: 03.04.2023 @8PM CET
Rerun: 10.04.2023 @8PM CET

• Metalmind „Standing Tall“
• Overhead „Tuesday That Never Came“
• Imaginaerium „Will I Never Return?“
• Fredlös „Untergång“
• Arogya „Desire“
• Voltwechsel „Wir Sind Eins“
• The Noise Who Runs „Beautiful Perhaps“
• Cerulean Veins „Love Won’t Save Us Now“
• Analiza Uma „San“
• Pencey Sloe „Sigh“
• ImJudas „So Untrue (Elektrostaub RMX)“
• Kiss Of The Whip „To Oblivion“
• Apnoie „Hyena Signs“
• Mirrors Of Mind „Silence Becomes You“
• Sono „Never Die“
• Diary Of Dreams „All Is Fragile“
• Hem Netjer „Eldur“
• Wildes „Enfant“
• Маша Кондратенко „Ванька-встанька“
• Fenzl „Oiwai Easy Island“
• Charli Ze ft. Wylar „500 Miles“
• Karamelien „Wait For Me“
• VNV Nation „Before The Rain“
• Anette Askvik „Shine“
• Peder B. Helland „Ice"

Black Angel GatheringBlack Angel Gathering

Black Angel Gathering - Episode 146

01. Sleepwalk - Suicide Minds
02. The Fair Sex - You Know How
03. The Fair Sex - Get Out Of My Head
04. The Invincible Sex - Red Glow Horizon
05. Stoppenberg - Assault
06. Doll Factory - Bite The Coil
07. The Secret Light - Circuits Collide
08. Shadow Assembly - Down With The Dead
09. Panic Priest - Nighthunter
10. Niky Nine - Exhausted Divinity
11. Statemachine - Thermal Noise
12. Pitch Yarn Of Matter - So Tired



New Monday: 

New Releases, Pre-Releases,
New Stuff !!!

New MondayNew Monday


HOT ...but dark !!!   ->
(Dark Chart-Hits)

Hot But DarkHot But Dark

Playlist #hotbutdark #thehitmixofthedarkcharts
START: 24.03.2023 @8PM CET
Rerun1: 25.03.2023 @1PM CET
Rerun2: 26.03.2023 @10PM CET

Ava Vegas • Bad Bones • Barska And The Factory • Black 7 • Danama • EverFelt • Frant1c • Haken • Herren ft. Miss ScarRed • Jethro Tull • Judith Alice • Kilmore • Koburg • Miss Vain • Odinfist • Overhead • Powerwolf • Purveyor Of Chaos • Rauhbein • The Dim Corner

Alien Skin • Apnoie • Cattac • Dark Minimal Project • Dennis & O Cão Da Meia-Noite • ElektroTerapi (At0shima 3rr0r) • Emil Moonstone • Freak Electric Band • Gaarn (Nightmare) • Kelsie Kimberlin • NecroFear • Nixer • Psyclon Nine (Snakes Of Russia) • Pure Obsessions & Red Nights • Reflection Black • SINthetik Messiah (SpankTheNun) • The Churchhill Garden

Delerium with Emily Haines • Glass Apple Bonsai • Gregory Paul Mineeff (Iderdown) • Hardy • Julian Blaustein • Julika • Lucas Rieger Mit C • Markus Siebert • Obsession Of Time • Pandora • Peggy March • Rian • Schiller • SONO • 33RPM • Tooth Of A Lion • Wild Youth • Zoodrake





Eine ganze Stunde alternative Musik -
und das nur mit deutschen Texten !!!

ddaddadda 80'sdda 80's

Das Dunkle Alphabet: 

Track auf Track, die Bands in alphanumerischer Reihenfolge, von A - Z !

Und Ihr dürft wählen, welcher Song gespielt wird:
Nutzt dazu einfach das Kontaktformular oder schickt eine Email an dda@flyflewradio.com !
(Natürlich muss die Band in dieser Woche auch auf der Playlist stehen..!)

Dark Electro Hit-Mix #014

00:00 iVardensphere „Ragemaker“
01:59 Teraphim „Narben (Pyrroline RMX)“
04:55 Armageddon Dildos „Ohne Dich (Toi et Moi Mix by Messiaen Noir)“
09:07 Cubic „S (12inch Edit)“
11:43 Imjudas ft. Noemi Aurora „So Untrue (Aiboforcen RMX)“
15:23 Blutengel „Our Souls Will Never Die“
18:34 De Melchiori „Zombie Attack“
20:08 Elektrostaub „Continuation (Prolog)“
21:51 Beyond Border „Cry Little Sister“
25:00 Neuf „1-7“
27:34 Nórdika „Morpheus“
30:07 Menschdefekt „Escape“
33:36 The Ending Nights „Reaching New Ways“
37:07 Endanger „Great White Light“
40:53 Projekt Ich ft. Pulse Lab „VR Chained (U.M.Fiedel RMX)“
44:21 AEX „Euphoria“
46:43 DavaNtage „To Kick In“
49:30 Minuit Machine „DRGS (live)“
53:32 The Devil & The Universe „Echotopia“
56:33 Bysmarque & Snowwhyte „Genophage (Ralf Kurtsiefer Mix)“
58:49 Mirland „So Cold“

Dark Electro Hit-Mix

Sundays at 17:00 CET
1 hour mixed up:
The newest Releases in Dark Electro, EBM,
Industrial, Minimal, Dark Wave ...    

Durch * gekennzeichnete Felder sind erforderlich.

Playlist #newmonday 3rd edition 2023
START: 13.03.2023 @8PM CET
Rerun: 20.03.2023 @8PM CET

• Alex Atlantis „Forever Young“
• BRDigung „Niemals Aufgewacht“
• On „Soul Killer“
• Plasmata & Ben Christo ft. Aly Jados „You Call Him The Devil“
• Mantah „Am I“
• Glauco ft. Walter Nanci „Nemesi (Pt.1)“
• Deeper You „Masked Ball“
• The Dim Corner „To Leave Again“
• Karma Voyage „Branches Of An Old Ash“
• When Colors Are Fading „Waves Of Nostalgia“
• Intent:Outtake „Moloch“
• Johnathan|Christian „Sway Back“
• Long Night „Tell No Tale“
• Saigon Blue Rain „Visions“
• Twice A Man „Cocoon“
• Promenade Cinema „Spellbound (Cinematic Mix)“
• Waiting For Words „My Dignity“
• Arkanna ft. Skye „Beautiful Moon“
• Scheuber „Lotus“
• The Saint Paul „Calling (TSP Rmx)“
• A Projection „Reflections“
• Luna Mea „Magla“
• Black Needle Noise ft. Lisa Kekaula „Rise Up (Film Edit)“
• Helene Bøksle ft. Sølvguttene „Lucia“
• Noise Gate Production „Invidia“

Playlist #newmonday 16th edition 2022
START: 26.09.2022 @8PM CET
Rerun: 03.10.2022 @8PM CET

• Beyond The Black "Reincarnation"
• Panzercrow "Live Love Stab"
• Dentist "New Dress"
• Rückenwind "Wind Im Haar (2022 Remaster)"
• Choshech (חושך) ft. Tamar Singer "הרעש"
• Jeremiah Kane ft. Alen Ljubić "Way Of The Ronin"
• Golden Apes "From The Sky"
• The Secret French Postcards "Sides"
• Pink Turns Blue "We Always Wanted More"
• The Loves Lost "Child Of The Universe"
• Blackbook "Love Is A Crime"
• M73 "No Light In Sight (2022)"
• Pepper's Ghost "Dance Away"
• Bow Ever Down ft. Silence In Machine "Trail Of Tears"
• Morphose ft. Sascha Klein "Surrender"
• Hunzgrippe "Breggalhuastn"
• Painted Romans "Formation (Antipole RMX)"
• Iamtheshadow "Unfold"
• Ree-Vo "Groove With It"
• The Interrupters "In The Mirror"
• Art d'Ecco "Run Away"
• MAIN "I'm Gonna Let The Wind"
• Eenian Dreams "Beacons"
• Black Needle Noise with Ruby Friedman & Colin McGuinness "Fair Winds"
• D.J. Highlanders "Moscova (River): The Ancient Past"

Playlist #newmonday 13th edition 2022
START: 25.07.2022 @8PM CET
Rerun: 01.08.2022 @8PM CET

• Powerwolf "Glaubenskraft"
• After Evolution "Final Hope"
• The Black Cheetahs "Feathers And Filth"
• Grace Solero "Awake"
• They Die "The Passion Of Lovers"
• Godex "And The Raven Cries"
• Lost Echoes "Stars"
• Boxes Of Blow "Another Voice"
• RanestRane "Cuore Di Tenebra Pt.1"
• Black Nazareth "Drops Of Sorrow"
• Miseria Ultima "Caressing The Pale (Teknovore RMX)"
• Sølve "Lost In The Dark"
• Klangstabil "You May Start"
• The Crawling Eye "You Don't Live Around Here Any More (RMX)"
• Je T'Aime ft. Alex Svenson "Kiss The Boys (And Make Them DIE)"
• The Frozen Autumn "This Time (Electro Mix)"
• Delta Komplex "Bitter Dripping"
• The Wide Eye "Mouth (2nd Take)"
• Melø "XEX"
• Stars Crusaders "The Great Exodus (2022 Version)"
• Ten After Dawn "Circles"
• Julika "One Two Three"
• Alina Valentina "Happily Ever After"
• Lights A.M. "Another Life"
• Fallen "Stolen Empathy, Bitter Tears"

Playlist #newmonday 10th edition 2022
START: 13.06.2022 @8PM CET
Rerun: 20.06.2022 @8PM CET

• Sum Of Seven "Voices"
• Suicide Queen "She Haunts You"
• Durcel Haze "Unleashed Confusion"
• Rockwasser "Alte Lieder"
• Sick Jokes ft. Plasmic "Lunatic Fringe"
• Movie Camera "Nothing To Say"
• Mayberian Sanskülotts "Halogene"
• The Cassandra Complex "The Crown Lies Heavy On The King"
• Beauty In Chaos ft. Tish Ciravolo "Afterlife"
• Rob E. Soul "Krieg (Nie Wieder)"
• tba "Love vs. Hate"
• Reichsfeind "Wish There Was A Drug"
• Blind Passenger ft. Robin Hirte & Mario Niemann "Rich Kids"
• Your Life On Hold "Our Common End"
• I Speak Machine "War"
• Xanthippe "The Dead Ones (mind.in.a.box Mix)"
• Leathers "Runaway"
• IAMX "Bernadette (Post Romanian Storm)"
• Zynic "My Darkness"
• Mondträume "Something"
• Berlin "Take My Breath Away (2022)"
• Christopher Anton "Blinding Lights"
• Fusspils 11 ft. Tim Schulschenk "Siehst Du Das Genau So?"
• Kite "Bocelli"
• Symphocat "Candela"

Playlist #newmonday 7th edition 2022
START: 18.04.2022 @8PM CET
Rerun: 25.04.2022 @8PM CET

• Ikirouta "Aika"
• Jaîsa "When Autumn Leaves"
• Black Rose Burning "Ever Fallen In Love"
• Hok-key "The Matter Of Love"
• Couch Riots "Children Of The Sun"
• Sandness "High Tide"
• Oiseau De Proie "Je Suis Une Fille"
• Keening "MCM XCII"
• Friendmaker "You, Me And Everything Else"
• Valhjim "Because Of You"
• Dead Lights "Doom Doom Trash"
• Ego Bliss "The Darkest Hour (RMX)"
• Dawn Of Ashes "Scars Of The Broken"
• Pahl "Dyo"
• Dual Analog "100 Disciples"
• Esoterik "Arsenic"
• Faun "Neun Welten"
• Stereoskop "Silk Fawn"
• The Keplerians "This Place We Call Home"
• Dreamerproject "Hope"
• The Present Moment "Life-Line"
• Blackcarburning "Get Ready!"
• Cinna "Open Water"
• Judy Collins "Wild With Mist"
• Claus Jahn ft. Frank Tischer "Blue Ocean"

Playlist #newmonday 4th edition 2022
START: 07.03.2022 @8PM CET
Rerun: 14.03.2022 @8PM CET

• Beriedir "Stormbound"
• Anniken "Just Walk"
• Serpico "Dark Energy"
• Marco Sanchioni "Zona Comfort"
• Versengold "Augen Auf Und Durch (Gib Nicht Auf)"
• Letzte Instanz "Entzündet Die Feuer"
• Ghost Signals "English Fiction"
• The Selenites "I Won't Go"
• The Neuro Farm "Vampyre"
• Shrinari "New Light"
• Deathline International "Lip Service" ????????
• Chiron "Sadly"
• Neonpocalypse "Broken Circles (Ash Code RMX)"
• Relate "Ring The Alarm"
• The Last Hour "Black Eyes"
• The Birthday Massacre "Stars And Satellites"
• Winter Severity Index "Fernweh"
• Silent Cure ft. M-Ana "Silent Love Song"
• Dark Minimal Project "Next Life"
• Rodrigo Passannanti ft. Pepper's Ghost "New Life"
• Covered In Snow "Starlings"
• Qeight "Between"
• Gabria "The Wind That Shakes The Barley"
• Rohn-Lederman "All The Little Things Left For Dead Go Unsaid"
• DJ Chris Marc "Cyber Engel"

Playlist #newmonday 1st edition 2022
START: 24.01.2022 @8PM CET
Rerun: 31.01.2022 @8PM CET

• Hel's Throne "Faded (Alan Walker Cover)"
• AfterTime "Infinite Legacy"
• Chris Romero "King Of Nothing"
• Rock n Roll Rebels "Head Taller Sue"
• Redwing Blackbird "She Cried"
• Noktva "You Left Me Hanging"
• Passover "Never For Me"
• ASP "Echo"
• Thala "Diditagain"
• Deception Store "Lifetime"
• Menschdefekt "Escape"
• Wülf7 "Humanity (Last Philosophy Mix)"
• Psihokratija "Billions Senseless"
• Gasleben & Electric Friends "Quivering"
• Neuroklast ft. Razorchild "Relic"
• Lizki "All Is New"
• White Mansion "Cancel The Sky"
• Principe Valiente "Porcelain (Ash Code RMX)"
• Royal Visionaries "Celebrate The Day"
• Oui Plastique "Crossing Over"
• Sarajevo & Moi ft. Isabelle Desbiens "Shame"
• Spray "It's An All Skate"
• Gregorian "The Sound Of Silence (Pure Version)"
• Taylor "Musik"
• SevenValues "Da Sind Helden... Überall"

Playlist #newmonday 20th edition 2021
START: 01.11.2021 @8PM CET
Rerun: 08.11.2021 @8PM CET

• Conception "Roll The Fire 2.0"
• Rioghan "Chandelier (Sia Cover)"
• ¡Pendejo! "Wrathchild (Iron Maiden Cover)"
• Boneyard "Oath Breaker"
• Mystigma "Unter Die Haut"
• Milošev "U Prolazu"
• Dave Gahan & Soulsavers "Metal Heart"
• Lusitanian Ghosts "Exotic Quixotic"
• The Damned Few "Born To Die"
• Scene Noir "Counting Days"
• Consumer Junk "Stay The Course"
• Ritualz ft. Gvcci Hvcci "Ghetto Ass Witch"
• Waiting In Vain "Graf Zaroff (live at Darkstream)"
• Actors "Like Suicide"
• Auger "Oxygen"
• Ravenous "Roots"
• Keening "Erase"
• Men Without Hats "No Friends Of Mine"
• Eurotix "Tom Jones"
• The Rain Within "We Are They"
• Fleshtronic "Leap Of Faith"
• Kælan Mikla ft. Alcest "Hvitir Sandar"
• Mandoki Soulmates "The Torch (2021 Version)"
• Tocotronic ft. Soap&Skin "Ich Tauche Auf"
• Angel X "Angels And Dreams"

Playlist #newmonday 17th edition 2021
START: 20.09.2021 @8PM CET
Rerun: 27.09.2021 @8PM CET

• Guns N' Roses "ABSUЯD"
• Neonfly "More Than A Lifetime"
• Ochmoneks "Dein Stolzer Sohn"
• Times Of Grace "Cold"
• Remina "Aeon Rains"
• Kicked Out Of The Sky "Kicked Out Of The Sky"
• Ghost Pony "Andy Wants To Be A Star"
• Pulsations "Neglected Synapses"
• Pink Turns Blue "You Still Mean To Much To Me"
• Paragon Cause "Making Up For Lost Time"
• Xotox "Silent Shout"
• Mildreda "Through The Fire"
• Sceptica "Create"
• This Eternal Decay "Leave (Adriatic Groove Mix by Kurs)"
• Dark State "I Like It Like That"
• Czarina "Wonderland"
• Luin "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams"
• Bliss My Heart ft. Eric Jayk "Reason To Dust"
• We The North "Exil"
• Last Activity "Shadows"
• Ashbury Heights ft. Danny Blu "Cutscenes"
• Telquist "Chills"
• SomeGirl "Anything You Want"
• Peyton Gilliland "Empty"
• The Gaye Device "Getting Back To Before It Began"

Playlist #newmonday 14th edition 2021
START: 19.07.2021 @8PM CET
Rerun: 26.07.2021 @8PM CET

• Cult Of Scarecrow "Sameness"
• Smoke "Lineage"
• Caroline Blind"Tribe (Mix by Ben Christo)"
• Ariel Maniki & The Black Halos "Strangers"
• Whimsical "Gravity"
• Clustersun "Sinking In To You"
• Camlann "Obsession? Depresssion?"
• Clan Of Xymox "The Great Reset"
• Cat Dowling "Freedom"
• Autumn Tears "Reunion"

Himmash "Gopnik EBM"
• EleKtroFish "Shaky (Album Version)"
• Black Needle Noise x Attasalina "Machine (Christopher Hall RMX)"
• Verneblung "Ready To Drown"
• Mari Kattman "I Can't"
• Hante. "Wasting Time"
• The Coventry "A Short Story (Club Mix)"
• Iamnoone "Wounds"

• Chvrces ft. Robert Smith "How Not To Drown"
• Industrial ZOO "Toxic Water"
• Midnight Resistance "Serenity"
• Ender Bender "Bewildered"
• Lilli "Falling Unseen (Fuego)"
• Gulvøss "Walking On Water"
• Long The Night "Illusion"


Playlist #newmonday 11th edition 2021 
START: 07.06.2021 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 14.06.2021 @8PM CET

• Belle Morte "To Get Her"
• Echelon ft. Alena Meta "Особенный Путь"
• Silver Lake by Esa Holopainen ft. Håkan Hemlin „Storm“
• Costume "Why Protest?"
• Andy Frei "Komm Mit Mir"
• Echoes "Bittersweet"
• Mekong "Krakow"
• AMMO "Total Recall"
• Celine Hakelberg "Aurora"
• Pennies By The Pound "Heat Death"
• AnAstromo & Nino Sable "Wir Sind Noch Hier"

• Wumpscut "Nein Nein (Dunkelwerk Coyotes & The Owl RMX)"
• Dead Lights "Deleted Scenes"
• Depresion Radikal "Bajo Tus Pies"
• Bara Hari "Artificial"
• Order In Chaos "Unholy Flesh"
• Lifelong Corporation "Cognitive"
• Collapse Project "Grain Of Sand"

• Kirlian Camera "Crystal Morn"
• Llumen "The Path That Leads Me Home"
• Northern Lite "Wir Reisen Zusammen"
• Die Braut "We Belong To The Sun (Original Mix)"
• The Saint Paul "Future Your Past"
• Likepuzzles "Dark Times"
• Laurent Colson "Closing Celebration"

Playlist #newmonday 8th edition 2021 
START: 26.04.2021 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 03.05.2021 @8PM CET 

• Blind Faith "Dream Chaser"
• Soziales Hetzwerk "Ein Liebeslied"
• Battle Scream "Ohne Uns Wird Es Still"
• In My Despair "Waves"
• Pure Obsessions & Red Nights "Your Own Enemy"
• The Sere "Always The Cold Moon"
• The Sea At Midnight "Sweet Addiction"
• Driving Dead Girl "Rupture"
• Castelli "Paneuropea"
• Hunzgrippe ft. Max Trebe "Hochseilgarteneingangstür"
• Calm T ft. Tension Control "Weil Das Gute Immer Gewinnt"
• The Snatcher "Kalt (Merry Chicklit RMX)"
• Warteraum "Winston (Give Myself Away)"
• Vanguard "Ragnarök"
• Vyrtual Zociety "Hologram (People Theatre RMX)"
• Navigator Project "In The Spiral (Klonavenus RMX)"
• Scala ft. Chiara Tahnee "Alibi"
• First Aid 4 Souls ft V.Sacrosanct "Who's Gonna Walk The Line"
• Form "World"
• Devas Light "Another Dream"
• Piston Damp "Runaway"
• Star Madman "Wisdom"
• N/AKT "Hilflos Und Nackt (Coronaversion)"
• Axel Samano "Against The Dark (Home/Draft/Emotional)"
• Tobias Hahn "Anderen Geht Es Schlechter"

Playlist #newmonday 7th edition 2021 
START: 12.04.2021 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 19.04.2021 @8PM CET

• Scarecrow ft. Johanna Rutto "The Beauty Of The Beast"
• Friday Breath "One More IPA"
• Haggefugg "Fünf Folle Jahre"
• Mina Harker "Kinder Von Babylon"
• Kooper Kain "All Thats Needed"
• Max Roxton "Out Of The Dark"
• Kill Shelter & Antipole "A Kiss In The Rain"
• Ash Code "Indifference"
• Hateful Chains "Siouxie On The Beach"
• Léanie Kaleido "Teapot Girl"
• Chainreactor "Impulskontrolle"
• 5TimesZero "Poison Tree"
• Croona "Descent"
• In.Visible "Fingers (#20 Black Soul Rework)"
• Je T'Aime "Satan's Bitch (Live at Gibus)"
• Zwarte Poëzie "Fiasco"
• Enzo Kreft "Woke Up This Morning"
• Faderhead ft. Chris Harms "Better"
• Industrial ZOO "My Darkest Day"
• Lords Assistants "Enter"
• Kirlian Camera "Phoenix Aliena (Italian Version)"
• Black Nail Cabaret "Maelstrom (Single Edit)"
• Aquario "Home"
• Hagen Stoll "Es Tut Nicht Mehr Weh"
• Alia Synesthesia "Time To Say Good Bye"

Playlist #newmonday 6th edition 2021

START: 29.03.2021 @8PM CET
Rerun: 05.04.2021 @8PM CET

• Eisbrecher ft. Dero Goi "Dagegen"
• Wisborg "I Believe In Nothing"
• Death Of A Dryad "Requiem (Project Pitchfork Cover)"
• Tanzwut "Bis Zum Meer"
• Raskolnikov "Sold Dead Souls"
• Inception Of Eternity "One Day"
• Feu Follet ft. Vlimmer "A Light Underground"
• James Atkin "Keep Travelling"
• Lisa Gerrard & Jules Maxwell "Noyalain (Burn)"
• The Burying Kind "Falling Over"

• Scars Are Soulless "Never Forgive, Never Forget"
• In Absentia "Dead Mind"
• Chiasm & John Fryer "Noise"
• Electrovot ft. Chris Reynolds "Winter Day"
• L "Discipline (Hante. RMX)" 
• G-Stan ft. Freddie Morales "Visions Of The Future"
• Love + Revenge "Eternal Truth"
• Blackfield ft. Brian Molko "Under My Skin (Sirens RMX)"

• f.o.d. "Blasser Schein" 
• Fektion Fekler "Imagine The True (Intro Mix)"
• RETROnique ft. R.W. Grimm "Dancing With Your Shadow"
• Blackcarburning "Make Another Plan"
• Whispers In The Shadow "Walk On The Mirror (Chandeen)"
• Branco "McCandless Syndrome"
• Gislì Gunnarsson "Birds Of Paradise"

Playlist #newmonday 5th edition 2021 

START: 15.03.2021 @8PM CET
Rerun: 22.03.2021 @8PM CET 

• Corporain "Inception"
• Rapid Strike "Just A Lie"
• Stumpff "Gnade Dir Gott"
• Mara "Blessed Shores"
• The Faces Of Sarah "What About Us?"
• Voyna "The Sky And A Grain"
• Dead Cool "Bound By Light"
• Antaios Nocturne "Kleines Licht"
• Moonshine Booze "Ponderosa"
• Nino Sable "Hydra"

• A-X-Amun "M1NDR7P3"
• Avarice In Audio ft. Assemblage 23 "I Pray"
• Seven Trees "Game Over"
• Pyrroline "My Rebirth"
• Basscalate "No Love Song"
• For All The Emptiness "No Words Of Power"
• The Golden UFO "Touch"
• Deine Lakaien "Run"

• Paradox Obscur "Perpetual"
• Glass Apple Bonzai "Upstairs In The Attic (Esoterik RMX)"
• ee:man ft. Anna S. "Radio"
• Arsine Tibé & Sebastian AndThe Dream "Voyage Now (prod. by Oren Amram)"
• Alien Skin "West Berlin Or Die Trying"
• Louise Fraser "Drop"
• Six Days Of Calm "Reflections"


Playlist #newmonday 4th edition 2021
START: 01.03.2021 @8PM CET
Rerun: 08.03.2021 @8PM CET 

• Halocene "This Is Our War"
• The SoapGirls "Heart In Bloom"
• Rockstar Frame "Beyond The Fear"
• Sthomia "Why Don't You"
• Varsovie "Magnitizdat"
• Mogwai "Ritchie Sacramento"
• Actors "Strangers"
• Anum Preto "Além Do Bem E Do Mal"
• MajorVoice "I'll Remember You"
• Frozen Factory "Two Dads"
• Rebirth "Total Control (Covenant RMX)"
• Terminal "Fault Line"
• System Noire "Dead Enough For Life (IOC Tribute)"
• Mind.Area "World Without"
• Fïx8:Sëd8 ft. Emke "Tremors"
• Spektralized "My Needs (Radio Edit)"
• A Projection "Darwin's Eden"
• Tableau "Cosmic Boy"
• DiarBlack ft. Helga Dyrfinna "Heart (Synthpop Mix)"
• BlakLight "I Remember Nothing"
• Fused "Passion And Control"
• Vaylon "Unsung Symphony"
• Thomas Andreas Beck mit Thomas Pronai "Alles Brennt"
• The Illusion Of Silence "Remember"
• A Spark In The V(*)id "The Journey VI: A Place Of Calm"

Playlist #newmonday 1st edition 2023
START: 30.01.2023 @8PM CET
Rerun: 06.02.2023 @8PM CET

• 17 Crash „Flashing Lights“
• Pollytunnel Pirates „Water Street Will Make You Pay“
• Billy Idol „Running From The Ghost“
• Ronan Conroy „Dark Paradise“
• Lestsel „This Disease“
• Feu Follet ft. Pat Aubier „The Pillar“
• Unique Experience „Stay“
• Sebastián Caldas „2020“
• The Grass Roots „Let’s Live For Today (The Fuzztones Mix)“
• Machiavel „Magical Mess“
• Gin Devo „Only For Moments“
• Error Enter Exit „Prof. Moriarty“
• Echoberyl „Silent Monster (Ext. Club Mix)“
• Strange Futures „Frozen In Time“
• Plastikstrom ft. DIAF „Atmen“
• European Ghost „Good Night“
• AL1CE „Drown“
• Presence Of Mind „Lonely Like Me (Single Edit)“
• Europe: „The Final Countdown (Oren Amram RMX)“
• U.R.Q?: „Eagle (Extended Fly)“
• Melchi Vepouyoum: „Na Pon“
• Unroyal: „The Story Of Us“
• Alina & Tim: „Abenteuer Leben“
• Robbie Williams: „Angels XXV (Beethoven AI)“
• Order In Chaos: „Fountain“

Playlist #newmonday 14th edition 2022
START: 15.08.2022 @8PM CET
Rerun: 22.08.2022 @8PM CET

• Kaledon "The Dawn Of Dawns"
• Scarlet Dorn "Unstill Life"
• Future Radio "Give In To You"
• Die Brennenden Wälder "Fürchte Dich Nicht"
• Sea Power "Folly"
• Desario "Things We Left Behind"
• Keeley "Travelling In The Opposite Direction"
• Rich Jacques "Everything Must Change"
• Alan Parsons "I Won't Be Led Astray"
• Venus Principle "Stand In Your Light"
• Syberian "Miasto"
• Kill Shelter "Time Will Come"
• Priest "Phantom Pain"
• White Ritual "Live Again"
• Paura Diamante "Berlin"
• The Red Dots "Collapse"
• Heilung "Anoana"
• Crooniek "Nieuwe Dromen"
• Vyrtual Zociety "Point Of No Return"
• Electronic Frequency "Why"
• NarreN "Mars"
• Second Complex ft. Brian Belknap "Treatment"
• Schrotti Star Orchester "Rusty Nails (Moderat Cover)"
• Blindzeile "Minenfeld"
• Jeff Beck & Johnny Depp "Midnight Walker"

Playlist #newmonday 11th edition 2022
START: 13.06.2022 @8PM CET
Rerun: 20.06.2022 @8PM CET

• Immunity "Sounds Like A Melody"
• Remains Of Destruction "New Dawn"
• Andy And The Rockets "The Day Our Music Died"
• Koenix "Let's Dadada"
• Anthea "In Time"
• In Isolation "Strange Thoughts (I Live Just For You)"
• Revolution Above Disorder "Annihilator"
• Branded Human "Awake"
• Pinemoon "I Am Lost"
• Helsott "Navajo Crow"
• Reality's Despair "Unattainable"
• Asteroid Taxi "Ледники"
• Mari Kattman "Is It Really That Bad (Neuroticfish RMX)"
• Encephalon "Emulations"
• The New Arctic "Essence"
• Forces Of Light "Ragnarock"
• Spiryt ft. Bow Ever Down "Heaven"
• NonVersation "Erlösung"
• She Hates Emotions "Space And Time"
• Kim Cameron "Don't Stop"
• Teleskop "Violet Dawn"
• Baltes & Zäyn "Godshatter (Kuroi Yuki RMX)"
• SANZ "Close"
• John Liedermann "Keiner Hilft Mir"
• Klaus Schulze "Osiris Pt.#1"

Playlist #newmonday 8th edition 2022
START: 02.05.2022 @8PM CET
Rerun: 09.05.2022 @8PM CET

• Without Warning "Insanity"
• Scarlet "Everybody Dies"
• Aexylium "Spirit Of The North"
• Håbergoaß "Wedakerzn"
• Blacktory "Clueless"
• Pure Nonsense "Something To Lose"
• Then Comes Silence "Rise To The Bait"
• White Lies "In Don't Want To Go To Mars"
• Principe Valiente "Barricades"
• Elyxir & Neilio "Undercurrents"
• Black Agent "Dying Time"
• Nova-Spes "Alle Gegen Alle"
• Julia Gaeta "Weight Of You"
• Solitary Experments "Every Now And Then"
• Technomancer "Shadows"
• Lights Of Euphoria "Saviour: 2nd Coming (Vanguard RMX)"
• Gggolddd "Spring"
• Nino Sable "Driven By The Night"
• Fused "Nightlife"
• Psy'Aviah ft. Tina Forlorn "Healing" ????????????????
• NightNight "Ashes"
• Scala ft. Helena Wigeborn "Guld & Champagne"
• Parabola West "Flowers"
• Guido Dossche "Regenmann"
• Sigesmundsen "Immunity"

Playlist #newmonday 5th edition 2022
START: 21.03.2022 @8PM CET
Rerun:  28.03.2022 @8PM CET

• Hate World Hero "The Beast Has Awoken"
• Division:Dark ft. Anna Murphy "Bound Together"
• Walk In Darkness "Walk Close To Me"
• Flaw "Every Breath You Take"
• Brotherhood "Valentine"
• Les Manteez "Illusion Of Design"
• Riiver Brukes "Break The Chains"
• Tash Sultana "Coma (live & unplugged)"
• Edwin Rosen "Vertigo"
• Hairy Groupies "Fairytale"
• Noromakina "Vortex"
• Lisa Pung "La Jeune Fille"
• TourdeForce "The Calling"
• Stairway Maze ft. Emma Barson "Neon Eyes"
• Cinemascope "Die In Summer"
• 22 Oceans "Drifting"
• Eisfabrik "Lost In Endless Ice"
• Irradiated With Sound "I Feel Good"
• Presence | Of | Mind "Human (Mesh RMX)"
• Out Of Sphere "Broken Unity"
• MANifesto "One Strike"
• Vansome "Speaking"
• Sebastian Hämer & Tim Wilhelm "Nie Wieder Krieg"
• Czarina "Til The Last Star (Cosmos)"
• Geotronika "A Lonely Sputnik"

Playlist #newmonday 2nd edition 2022
START: 07.02.2022 @8PM CET
Rerun: 14.02.2022 @8PM CET

• Ravenfield "Monster"
• Scorpions "Rock Believer"
• The Black Capes "Forever And Ever"
• Crimson Brûlée "Nothing Dies Forever"
• Der Butterwegge ft. Männi "Wer's Fühlt Der Weiß Es"
• 7 Rainbows In Exile "Green Moon"
• Nexus ft. MGT "The Words That Got Away"
• Shadowhouse "Bleed"
• The Killing Moon "A Silence In Every Word"
• Lacrimosa "The Daughter Of Coldness"
• The Man & His Failures "Devastations"
• Beyond Border "Cry Little Sister (Gerard McMann Cover)"
• Licorice Chamber "This Love Is Dark (Codename:Lola Mix)"
• Child Of Night "Disappear"
• Solaris D "Perfect World"
• Dagon "Nymph"
• Christabel Dreams "Love In Black And White"
• Edges "Fragmentia"
• Panic Lift "Failure Principle (Assemblage 23 RMX)"
• Muntconn. "Come On Johnny Boy (Nature Of Wires Rmx)"
• Excubitors "Stranger"
• Korine "For Sure"
• Paul Quin "Everything I Loved I Lost (That Day)"
• Promethea "Monsters"
• Joerg Dankert "Still Unknown"

Playlist #newmonday 21st edition 2021
START: 15.11.2021 @8PM CET
Rerun: 22.11.2021 @8PM CET

• Fearout "The End Of The Beginning"
• Lordi "Borderline"
• Stepfather Fred "I Am The Sea"
• Alien Drive "Victims On The Broadway"
• Muddy Moonshine "Me & You"
• The Persian Leaps "Keep Smiling"
• Then Comes Silence "We Were Lovers"
• Television Age "Say Yes"
• Твин Пикс "Вампиры“
• Bomba Atómica "What Good Is Life"
• Landscape Body Machine "No Cable (2021 Remaster)"
• Diamonds N' Slutz "Tell Me Your Fetish"
• Sven Väth "Feiern (Radio Edit)"
• Stephan Bodzin "Isaac"
• AEX "Euphoria"
• DavaNtage "To Kick In"
• Zoodrake "Success Of The Snake"
• Anne Marie "Into The Light (Tenderlash RMX)"
• Peter Luts ft. Hunter Falls "Fire"
• Unify Separate "Radio Waves"
• Nina "Gold Heart"
• Iyes Keen "Shutting It All Down"
• Marco Augusto ft. Julia Bless "Bebende Erde"
• Kinga Vnuk "To Sleep"
• Alexander H. K. (Hall) "Taken By The Wind"

Playlist #newmonday 18th edition 2021
START: 04.10.2021 @8PM CET
Rerun: 11.10.2021 @8PM CET

• Twisted Rose "Scorpion Stings"
• Cryptex "Two Horned Crown"
• Dawn Of Solace "White Noise"
• Wazzara "Inwards"
• Mdou Moctar "Chismiten"
• Joy/Disaster "Breathe"
• Cyborg Amok "New(er) Dark Age"
• Funeral Lakes "Saint Dymphna"
• Friedberg "Your Hollywood"
• Still Corners "The Last Exit"
• f.o.d. "Wir Sind Noch Hier"
• Metallspürhunde "Kaputt"
• Der Arbeiter "Der Blitz"
• Permafrost "Restore Us (Pyxis RMX by Paul Corkett)"
• Accolade "O Euchari In Leta Vita"
• Collapse Of Dawn "I Bleed In Technicolor (BlakLight RMX)"
• BlueForge "I Disappear"
• Billy Idol "Bitter Taste"
• Plastic Autumn "Wasted Years"
• Vanguard "Inside"
• Nórdika ft. Helena Wigeborn "Rain (Die Braut RMX)"
• Cult With No Name "Home Again"
• Demokratie "Ice Fall"
• Vera Klima "Zeit Für Dich"
• Vålîçensiøñ "A Light Through The Clouds"

Playlist #newmonday 15th edition 2021
START: 02.08.2021 @8PM CET
Rerun: 09.08.2021 @8PM CET

• Ministry "Good Trouble"
• Valyear "Like A Zombie"
• Glutsucht "Im Auftrag Des Herrn"
• Dope Sagittarius "Quitting Time"
• Moonshine Oversight "Ghosts"
• Schrödinger "Fallen (live)"
• Mark E Moon "Event Horizon (Crying Vessel RMX)"
• The Black Veils "Rabbits"
• The Violent Youth "Позже"
• Chris Mayer & The Rockets "For So Long"
• Zwaremachine "Ripping At The Fabric"
• JG & The Robots ft. Jean-Luc de Meyer "Roboter In Berlin"
• Solo Jøns "Transpose"
• Forces Of Light "Illusion And Deception"
• Ultra Sunn "Keep Your Eyes Peeled"
• Stereoskop "The Mist (Lexvaz RMX)"
• Ohne Nomen "Isthar"
• Yukno "Synthadella"
• Vogon Poetry "Atomic Skies"
• Humanoid Invasion "Automat"
• The Frixion "To Hell And Back (Marc Trueman's VIP RMX)"
• Agnis "Frozen (Madonna Cover)"
• 7fields "Ikarus"
• Kim Wilde ft. Boy George "Shine On"
• Rodrigo Passannanti "Mother Sky"


Playlist #newmonday 12th edition 2021
START: 21.06.2021 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 28.06.2021 @8PM CET 

• Oversense "Love"
• Ashes Fallen "Stand Your Ground"
• I Am Aliz "Devil On The Run"
• Cathedral In Flames "Drinking In The Car"
• Keeley "The Glitter And The Glue"
• Leichtmatrose "Karma Polizei"
• A Cloud Of Ravens "World On Fire (Clan Of Xymox RMX)"
• Iamtheshadow "Memories (Antipole & Pedro Code RMX)"
• Giant Sky "Breaking Patterns"
• Definition Of Insanity "Hear The Call"
• DV8R "Anatomy Omega"

• Minusheart "In My Roots (Run Kennedy RMX)"
• Orange Sector "War Of Religions (Rob Dust RMX)"
• Super Dragon Punch!! "Sutura"
• Auger "Dark Clouds"
• More "Provoked By Motions"
• Antiflvx "Hilos (Monowaves RMX)"
• Hanging Freud "Puzzles" 

• Bow Ever Down "Let It Burn"
• Infacted Allstars "Children (adapted by Rob Dust)"
• Tenderlash "Open Your Eyes"
• Ива "Таю“
• Nico Wieditz "Go Home"
• Jorja Chalmers "I'll Be Waiting"
• Secret Of Elements "Grace"

Playlist #newmonday 8th edition 2021
START: 10.05.2021 @8PM CET
Rerun: 17.05.2021 @8PM CET

• Marianas Rest "Glow From The Edge"
• Manntra "Lipa"
• Versus Goliath "Virus"
• Cradle Of Haze "Zehntausend Seelen"
• Giant Waves "Re:Mission"
• Order 89 "100 Visages"
• P19 "Serves You Right"
• Das Leiden "Fühlen (Sentir)"
• Jennah "Burn"
• Loni Lila "Behind The Green Door"
• Das Werk "Rheintöchter"
• Waijdan "Mental Block"
• This Morn' Omina "The Nothing Space"
• Kuollut "Flight At Dawn"
• Noisy Deafness "Washed Away"
• Gen-Zx "Darkness Of The Day"
• District 13 "The Strongest Girl"
• Octolab "Petite Little People (Uncreated RMX)"
• Sharon Next "Sweet And Tender Lovely Toy"
• Solaris D "Things Will Never Be The Same"
• Disrupted Being "Innocence"
• Suicidal Romance "Runaways"
• Cold Connection "Burning Love"
• Page "Blutest Du?"
• Thomas Lemmer & Christoph S. Pabst "Bergwiesendämmerung"

Playlist #newmonday 2nd edition 2021 
START: 01.02.2021 @8PM CET
Rerun: 08.02.2021 @8PM CET
• Black & Damned "Liquid Suicide" 
• Löwengott "Wenn Alle Wege Sich Verlieren" 
• Kaunis Kuolematon "Kuolevan Surun Alla" 
• Storm Seeker "Maelstrom" 
• Galaad "Moments" 
• The Prayer "New Dawn Fades" 
• Bleib Modern "Loony Voices" 
• Inanis Yoake ft. Yuko Tsubame "Hikari" 
• Magic Wands "Honeymoon" 
• A Line Of Crows "The Compass" 
• Notstandskomitee "Aufzeichnung" 
• Calm T "In The Quiet Of My Lonely Room" 
• Imperative Reaction "Intertwined" 
• Gary Numan "Intruder" 
• Nomen Nescio "20/20 Vision" 
• SapphiraVee "World My Voice (World Storm Mix)"
• Alienare "Arrival"
• Peter Schilling "Mechanik Meines Herzens"
• In Good Faith "Rising"
• BlueForge "Clouds (Analogue-X RMX)"
• Tenderlash "Open Your Eyes"
• Maura, But It's Not The Name "Eternally Together"
• Emerge "Remember Me"
• Scenius "Held"
• Our Transient Lives "Time By Minutes Slips Away"


Playlist #newmonday für  MO, 26.03.2018 

• Analoge Stereoide "Freie Fahrt Für Liebe"
• BodyHarvest "Gegenstrom"
• Kernpunkt "Welt Aus Eis"
• Stigmata feat. Rotersand "No Heaven"
• Sleepwalk (Official) "Fck Pplsm"
• NOVA-SPES "Spectators"
• OUL "Let It Flow Again"
• Croona "Killing Me Again"
• SONO "Amplify"
• Auger "My Guardian"
• VantaNoir "The Wish (LA-X Rmx)"
• Autumn - U.S. "The Fall (Broken Rmx)"
• Audiotherapie "Armee Des Lichts"
• Turm & Strang "Antiheld"
• Megaherz Offizielll "Von Oben"
• Habergoaß "De Drud"
• Dunkelschön "Schloss Aus Licht"
• Midnight Resistance "Under Glass"
• SoftWave "On And On And On"
• Gimme Shelter "Get Out Of My Life"
• Junksista "Control"
• Reduced Silence "Rise And Fall"
• Mills "Edge"
• PROJEKT ICH feat. Catrine Christensen "Little Star (HzweiG Rmx)
• Elektrostaub feat. Ruined Conflictt " Funeral Of Love"
• ALIENARE "My Shadow" (pre-release)
• In Good Faith "Licht"
• Schwarzschildd "Zuviel Leben"

Playlist #newmonday 1st edition 2021 

START: 18.01.2021 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 25.01.2021 @8PM CET 

• Writing The Future ft. Xersize "Jaded Eyes" 
• Samarah "Kids In America" 
• Wolf "Kalt Wie Eis" 
• Oracle Sun "Million To Ascension" 
• Artica "Should Not Be" 
• The King's Head "The White Horse" 
• Velvet Van Black "Ride Free" 
• Hi Frisco ft. Charlotte Spiral "Headspin" 
• Katja Moslehner "Am Weltenrand" 
• Saoirse Mhór "It's Over, Goodnight" 
• Diamonds N' Slutz "Wonderland" 
• Twins In Fear "Angst" 
• Placebo Effect "Dead And Buried" 
• Retro Electro ft. Leaether Strip "Tanz Kretin, Tanz" 
• Bysmarque & Snowwyhte "Tleilaxu" 
• A Covenant Of Thorns "Numb" 
• Vainerz "Inspiration" 
• Elektrostaub ft. Norderney "Futurism (Aiboforcen RMX)" 
• Lights Of Euphoria "Foreign Ground" 
• Shelter "Zero Gravity (We Thee And The Sea Mix)" 
• TourDeForce "Le Dernier Des Bellini" 
• District 13 "Die Zeit (Infernal Noize RMX)" 
• Quand "(Happy) New Year" 
• Polly Fae "Silent Voices" 
• Tison Duni "The Lone Pride Of Secret Fidelity" 

Playlist #newmonday 2nd edition 2023
START: 20.02.2023 @8PM CET
Rerun: 27.02.2023 @8PM CET

• Gallia „Path Of The Nomad“
• Even Flow „Ray Of Light“
• Traitors To The Crown „Won’t You Let Me Go“
• A Slice Of Life „Run For Cover“
• Who Saw Her Die? „Sleep Forever“
• All My Thorns „White Moth“
• Lord Of The Lost „One Last Song“
• Sicky „The Bridge“
• Ariel Maniki & The Black Halos „Love You Like The Ocean“
• In A Darkened Room „Hollow“
• Dunkelsucht „Verdingkind“
• Velvet Velour „Blood Moon“
• Luminya „Noone Knows“
• Mills „Star“
• Vandal Moon „Sunlight (Antipole RMX)“
• When The Roses Die „Lips“
• Luna Del’Luna „Relent“
• Erblast „Vom Krieg Geträumt“
• Patty Gurdy „Melodies Of Hope“
• Blue May Rose „El Final“
• Shelter „Zero Gravity“
• Darkswoon „Spellcast“
• Sophia „Schmetterling“
• Karin Park „Glasshouse“
• Laibach „Love Is Still Alive VII (Jupiter, Tristitia)"

Playlist #newmonday 15th edition 2022
START: 05.09.2022 @8PM CET
Rerun: 12.09.2022 @8PM CET

• Vanderlust "Forgotten Breed"
• The 40 Thieves "Stonedead"
• The Occult "Watch You Die"
• Black Dreams "Running Blood"
• The Case "Fever"
• New Revolution "Set Me Free"
• Unwritten Law "Dark Seas"
• Sandile Masilela "SimasouLja"
• Norwegian Soft Kitten "The Thousandth Ship"
• Starry Skies "Smile Through The Dark"
• Tomas Tulpe ft. T.Raumschmiere "Dieser Song Hier"
• Voicecoil "Why"
• The Vaulted Skies "What If I Were The Boy (7' Mark Saunders RMX)"
• Actors "It Goes Away"
• Noise Unit "Alone Again"
• SPECTRA*paris "Indigo Cypher"
• Silence Of The Fittest "Wait Until"
• Schall Und Stille ft. Nicole Schmidt "Me Without You"
• A Projection "Careless"
• Ayria "End Of Life"
• Life On Mars "Forest Driveway"
• Wastelander X "Like Anime"
• Christian F. "Wege (Piano Edit by Larissa Richter)"
• Lisa Gerrard & Marcello de Francisci "When The Light Of Morning Comes"
• Anheizholz "Hans Zimmer Medley"

Playlist #newmonday 12th edition 2022
START: 04.07.2022 @8PM CET
Rerun: 11.07.2022 @8PM CET

• Justice Theory "Fight Until You Die"
• La Muerte "Headhunter"
• Voltwechsel "Schrei"
• Dreamferno "Hagne"
• The Fright "Ruins"
• Kellermensch "Follow You Around"
• Dust Mice "Sky King"
• The Quinsy "Ты Везде (0kontrol Cover)"
• Ace Eshed "The Story Of My Brain And I"
• Black Angel "Take Me Down"
• Trashcan Dance vs Stealth Division "Polezhayevskaya Station"
• DARK "Desire"
• NNHMN "Lovelorn"
• La Mécanique "Extravague"
• Jessi Frey "A Thousand Cuts"
• Neila Invo "Preacher"
• Vivienne Cure "Paranoia"
• Bjorth "Valkyrjur"
• Xenturion Prime "Paathfinder"
• Circuit3 "Overview Effect (KeX/1 RMX)"
• Nation Of Language "The Grey Commute"
• SixTurnsNine "Fatigue"
• Heartgun "Move On"
• Perlregen "Bitte Bleib (Acoustic)"
• Luca Bluefire "We Were Staring At The Stars"

Playlist #newmonday 9th edition 2022
START: 16.05.2022 @8PM CET
Rerun: 23.05.2022 @8PM CET

• Ash Of Ashes "The Eternal Traveller"
• Child Of Caesar "Godchildren"
• Weimar "Im Wahnsinn Gefangen"
• Mr. Giant & The Broken Stone "What Means... Happiness"
• Junction 28 "Walls"
• Suburban Spell "Fools And Clowns (Single Edit)"
• Resplandor "Adore"
• Flingern Attic "Collapsing Mind"
• Riccardo Romano "The Winner (III): Pierrot"
• Reaven "A Place Where You Belong"
• Sexblood "Bad Priest"
• Death SS "The Temple Of Rain"
• Lo Stige DJ & Scarlet Fever "System Downfall"
• Alien Skin "Formed By Your Hand"
• Valkyria "Komm Zu Mir Zurück"
• Cymbaline "Computerleven"
• Nuitarie "Settlin' On (Liquor For Breakfast)"
• The Royal Ritual "Life, After"
• Paradox Obscur "Evo-Devo"
• Superikone "Phoenix (Futurepopmix)"
• Kim Lunner "I Will Rise Again"
• Andrea & Eric C Powell "World Falls Away"
• MyLucina "Inaction In Perfection"
• Arno Zillmer "Wie Der Wind"
• Glenn Main "The Lost Cave"

Playlist #newmonday 6th edition 2022
START: 04.04.2022 @8PM CET
Rerun:   11.04.2022 @8PM CET

• Crusade Of Bards "The Red Charade"
• Theigns & Thralls "Today We Get To Play"
• Walter Subject "Start A Fire"
• Marco Luponero & The Loud Ones "Home To You"
• Arctic Lights "Renaissance"
• Blinded By Hope "The Silence Of Pain"
• The Paper Road "If You Should Fall"
• White Birches "Lethe's Bramble"
• Bianca Stücker "Putrefactio: Der Achte Schlüssel Basilij"
• Tosca's Run ft. Hayat Selim "Twilight Heat"
• Oberer Totpunkt "Zeit Verfliegt"
• Unidad Obscura ft. Patricia Fortuna "Mar Di Mi Ambición"
• Pure Obsessions & Red Nights "As It Glows In The Dark"
• Her Own World "This Fire"
• Snog "The Masque Of Evil"
• J:dead "Evil In A Bottle"
• Unusual Architecture "Nothing"
• Rue Oberkampf "Happiness"
• Holocoder "Секреты неба"
• Andrew Franey "We Want To Burn"
• Men Without Hats "If The World Should End Today"
• Chip Wars "The Rooms"
• Delania "So Viel Zu Geben"
• Lital Hagayan "Like I Remember You"
• Rachel Nusbaumer "Introspection"

Playlist #newmonday 3rd edition 2022
START: 21.02.2022 @8PM CET
Rerun: 28.02.2022 @8PM CET

• Blitz Union "Money-Crazy World"
• Aleksander Susi "Он не такой"
• Planeswalker "Tales Of Magic"
• Sündenrausch "The Lost Ones"
• Nino de Angelo "An Irgendwas Glauben"
• Video Diva "Rimane Niente"
• Ductape ft. Brek "Kesik"
• Vietnam "Kidney Bingos"
• Junger "Kein Tag Für Helden"
• They/Live "The Heavy Wind"
• ElektroTerapi "Forget"
• Stabbing Westward "Ghost (Christopher Hall RMX)"
• For All The Emptiness "Hearts Against Minds"
• Zero A.D. "Only A Dream"
• The Different Class "Ping Pong"
• Justine Ó Gadhra-Sharp "Charmer"
• Violent Vickie "Get To Me (Fragrance RMX)"
• Fractal Age "Sign"
• Carv.r ft. Casey Desmond "Struck (OG Mix)"
• Angry Pete "The End"
• Francesca e Luigi "If You Catch Me Now"
• Glass Apple Bonzai "Fire In The Sky"
• Urvertrauen "Die Zweite Chance"
• Vila "Fumes"
• Doebel "A Time To Remember"

Playlist #newmonday 22nd edition 2021
START: 13.12.2021 @8PM CET
Rerun: 20.12.2021 @8PM CET

• Feuerschwanz "Memento Mori"
• Mercury Circle "Avalanche"
• Perseide "The Getaway"
• Amore Ad Lunam "Lost Again"
• Wax Mekanix "Head"
• The Quinsy "To Feed Your Fever"
• The Wake "Emily Closer (Kill Shelter RMX)"
• Drop On Glass "Black And White"
• Zoch "From Dust"
• Simone Cozzetto "Cold And Sweet"
• Orrphoiz "Running Out Of Time"
• NNHMN "Tomorrow's Heroine"
• SINE ft. Chris Connelly "Desolate District"
• Minuit Machine "Lovers Of The Night (live)"
• Iamnoone "The Need"
• The Ending Nights "No Light"
• Sjöblom "Telephone (Priest RMX)"
• Hidden House "Love Me To Death"
• Helix "Run"
• Endanger "Great White Light"
• Leitwolf Nickey Barker ft. Jens Hart "In Zaire"
• Oliver Onions ft. Tommaso Paradiso "Orzowei"
• Karin My "Winter Tree"
• Parzival "Keep Your Eyes On Us (Avalokiteshvara)"
• Magnus Josefsson "December"

Playlist #newmonday 19th edition 2021
START: 18.10.2021 @8PM CET
Rerun: 25.10.2021 @8PM CET

• Iron Maiden "Days Of Future Past"
• Doll Circus "Eat This!"
• Smokeheads "In Between"
• Gsindl "Hards Liacht"
• Delta Enigma "Venom"
• Antonia Greenway "Afraid Of Losing You"
• Wartime Nurse "Wing Clippings"
• Traitrs "Mouth Poisons"
• The Trip "Little Janie"
• A Ritual Sea "Silver Morning"
• Ex-Hyena "Nightmare Pills (Jackson VanHorn RMX)"
• MAN1K1N "Don't Let Me Try"
• The Brides Of The Black Room "Mother Mother"
• Noise Unit "Recognize"
• Ironfield "No Sound"
• Dead Serpent ft. Binzatina "Destruction"
• Goethes Erben "Spiel Mit Mir"
• Zanias "Unturned"
• A.K.A.: "Cruel Lovin' (Lifelong Corporation Dance Mix)"
• Uncover ft. Iyes Keen "Control (Chapter One)"
• Stefan Varga "Identity"
• Oblique "Black Heart"
• Sneaker Pimps "Child In The Dark"
• NarreN "This Is Not California"
• Tokee "Exodus"

Playlist #newmonday 16th edition 2021
START: 16.08.2021 @8PM CET
Rerun: 23.08.2021 @8PM CET

• Phoenix Rising "El Temor De Un Hombre Sabio"
• Immunity "Trainwreck"
• Q.Age ft. Andreas Kümmert "Talk Me Off The Edge"
• Subterranean Masquerade "Mångata"
• Golden Apes "Satori"
• Bantam Lyons "Branque"
• Manic Street Preachers "Orwellian"
• The Churchhill Garden "Fade Away"
• CrowJane "Terminal Secrets (live)"
• The War On Drugs "Living Proof"
• Malice Machine "Down In The Park (Gary Numan Cover)"
• Rector Scanner "Radioteleskop (Massiv In Mensch RMX)"
• Psyborg Corp. "Typhoon Voyage (Into The Void)"
• Symptom Eskalation "Weiter, Immer Weiter"
• Klonavenus "A Natural Obsession"
• Blutengel "Darkness Awaits Us"
• Selofan "Nichts"
• Beat Noir Deluxe "I Cannot Breathe (Monotronic RMX)"
• Tee Dee Dees "War"
• Badeye vs Nature Of Wires "Hold Me Now"
• Kafkas "Lieber Gott" 
• Mental Discipline "Over Horizon (live)"
• Milena Medu "Made Up"
• Sinestar "Breathe Again"
• The Black Archer "SkyZ"

Playlist #newmonday 13th edition 2021

START: 05.07.2021 @8PM CET
Rerun: 12.07.2021 @8PM CET

• Znich "Yak Pushchu Stralu"
• Williams "Afterglow"
• Ground Nero "Promise"
• Hapax "Exile"
• Immersed In Black "Immersed In Black"
• Black Angel "Serene"
• Vatra "Vidi Kako Se Smiješ"
• Batávia "Azafrán"
• Cedars "Cowards"
• Sorry, Heels "My Dolls House"

• In Absentia "Me! Disconnect From You (Gary Numan Cover)"
• Error Enter Exit "Zwei Welten" 
• V>lh>ll "Eversleep" 
• Leathers "Reckless" 
• Shiv-R "Valley Of Death" 
• Sawtooth ft Juliet Brownell-Lee "Crawling Towards The Light"
• Dancing Plague "Secret & Lies"
• Lorelei Dreaming "To Leave This Heaven"
• Piston Damp "Making The World Great Again"

• Sea Of Sin "Unspoken Words (Hanseatic Dark Mix)"
• X-O-Planet "Blue Planet"
• Nova-Spes "Summernight"
• Aura Davis "Wake Up Again"
• Moby "Why Does My Heart Fees So Bad (Reprise)"
• Monotronic "Lonely Days"


Playlist #newmonday 10th edition 2021 
START: 24.05.2021 @8PM CET
Rerun: 31.05.2021 @8PM CET

• Nobodygvng "Kronøs"
• DEW "Wieso Ich So Geworden Bin"
• Lord Of The Lost "Priest"
• Mercury Circle "You Open Up The Earth"
• Seventh Crystal "Deja Vu"
• Markus Schukowski "Coldest Day"
• The City Gates "Roman Empire"
• Sjöblom "Tape"
• Distance Dealer "Hit By A Brick"
• Dass "And All Is Falling Down"
• Grausame Töchter "Alles Kaputt!"
• Antlitz "Wunder"
• Death Loves Veronica "Burn"
• Suffer Ring "Cicada (Sølve RMX)"
• Dead. "Shine"
• Heymstatt "Diesen Weg"
• Elektrostaub ft. Patrik "We Are Dreamers (Uncreated RMX)"
• Dagon "Dominant (Selfdestruction RMX)"
• The Rude Awakening "It's Ok Not To Be Ok (Tin Gun RMX)"
• Krøll "Bloodline"
• The Grey Disorder "A World That Doesn't Care"
• Σrª ft. LoboLoto "Fallen Star"
• Anika Auweiler "Meer Aus Glas"
• Oui Plastique "The Fear"
• Iyari "Senya"

Playlist #newmonday 3rd edition 2021 
START: 15.02.2021 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 22.02.2021 @8PM CET 

• Ranthiel "Sempre Libera (Metal Version)"
• Wolf Theory "Ketoprophene"
• Sirakh "Yours For The Breaking"
• Erik Cohen "Lokomotive"
• Aguzzi "Nothing Else In My Heart"
• The Black Effect "Dead Star"
• Pinemoon "Sinister"
• Dragontor "Green Planet"
• Vasco Rossi "Una Canzone d'Amore Buttata Via"
• Branded Human "A Love Alone (With You)" 

• Tyske Ludder "Ungewiss" 
• Funker Vogt "Lost Kingdom" 
• Xtort "Zwart" 
• g.o.l.e.m. "Dreams Of Death" 
• Broken Nails "Mirror" 
• Grabyourface "Sombre" 
• Scheuber "Tempting Fate" 
• Solar Fake "Just Leave It" 

• Omnimar "Red"
• Eguana "Living In The Cold"
• Kim Lunner "The Breeze"
• Denial Waits "Father/Me"
• Seasurfer ft. E.A.Fossi "Killing Tears Of Joy (John Fryer Mix)"
• Dagobert Weiß "Träum Von Dir"
• Vitor J. Moreira "Amanhecer"

Playlist #newmonday für MO, 09.04.2018

• Sometime The Wolf. "Spirit"
• Joachim Witt "Dämon"
• Sven Rebentisch "Reis(s)ende Gedanken"
• GRENDEL " Fall Like Rome"
• Sinestar "A Million Like Us"
• Unity One "Leave Me Confined"
• Project Caretaker "Wir fliegen"
• Traumtaenzer "Habt Keine Angst"
• Absurd Minds "Now We Hear The Call"
• Project Pitchfork Official "Crossfire"
• The Killers "Tyson vs. Douglas"
• CYTO "Again"
• Darkness on Demand "City Of The Dreamers"
• Orange Sector (offiziell) "Warte, Warte..."
• An Erotic End Of Times "Love Is The End"
• Stoneman "Gott Weint"
• The Saint Paul "Blood Donation",
• Error Enter Exit (Offical) " Avalon"
• VAINERZ "Oblivion"
• Life On Mars - official Site "Take Me Back Home"
• N3VOA "Cosmic Cycles"
• T.O.Y. "The Darkness And The Light"
• Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark "Isotype"

Playlist #NEWMONDAY für MO, 12.03.2018 

• SIVA SIX (OFFICIAL) "To The Light"
• Helalyn Flowers "Kamikaze Angel"
• Editors "Magazine"
• AnnA Lux "Zuhause"
• Bloodsucking Mallory "Trommelfeuer"
• Exfeind "Göttergatte"
• Schattenmann "Licht an"
• Cantorca "Paths Of Vision"
• ILLUMINATE "Ein Ganzes Leben"
• Caisaron "Forgotton Souls"
• Glenn Love "Feast"
• Metroland "Man In A Frame"
• Aesthetic Perfection "Ebb And Flow"
• Foretaste "Scum"
• Dusk to Dawn "Not This World"
• PORN "She Holds My Will (Heartey Rmx)
• Benjamin'sPlague " Perfectly Hideous"
• [x] - Rx "Eternity"
• tEaR!doWn (official) "Shades"
• Endanger
• Caesium137 "Shiver"
• evo-lution "Lies" (EISFABRIK ConfabRmx)
• Dunkelsucht "Erholung"
• Schwarzbund "Einklang"
• Kernpunkt "Welt Aus Eis"
• Kirlian Camera (official) "Kryostar"


Playlist #newmonday von MO, 23.04.2018

U-Manoyed "¡Fck You Up!"
Beating Signal "The Story"
MINE-music "The One"
Purwien und Kowa "1000 Hände"
Volker Milch "Zukunft"
BOYTRONIC - Official "The Universe"
ZyniC "Distance"
SEADRAKE "Lower Than This (Someday)"
Ruined Conflict "Taken"
We The North "Unhealing"
Xenturion Prime "Milestone"
Eli van Pike "Herzschlag (Vuduvox Rmx)"
Faderhead "Noise.Voices.Noice.Silence"
Nyxx feat. Aesthetic Perfection "Voodoo"
CASPER feat. Blixa BargeldDagobert & SIZARR "Lang Lebe Der Tod"
Diary of Dreams "Hell In Eden"
SCHEUBER "Not For You (Waldfriedenmix)"
ALIENARE "??????????" (still open)
Retrojunkies "?????????" (still open)
JanRevolution "Tausend Worte"
Alphamay "Low In Love"
ROOT4 "Drugs Are My Master"
Myselfson "Rain & Pain"
END OF NEW "Darkness"

Playlist #newmonday für
MO,   07.05.18 ab 20:00 Uhr
Wdh  14.05.18 ab 20:00 Uhr

• Florian Grey "My Babylon"
• Franz Schultz "I Hate You"
• gen-zx "Tick Tock"
• Sceptica "Degenerated"
• IAMX "Break The Chain"
• U96 + Wolfgang Fluer "Zukunftsmusik"
• evo-lution "Hass-Mensch"
• Life On Mars - official Site "Snowflakes"
• Kyau & Albert "Mein Herz"
• DJ Andrè B feat. Steffen Keth "Remember"
• Schwarzschild "Seven"
• Future Lied To Us "Embrace A World"
• Frozen plasma "Safe.Dead.Harm"
• Nórdika feat. felix marc "Relocate"
• Binarypark "Nothing"
• Schwarzblut "Ghequetst"
• ILLUMINATE "Neue Wege"
• Fractal age "Traumgestalt"
• In Good Faith "Shadows"
• VERSUS "Schenk Mir Zeit"
• Sea of Sin "Deep Inside"
• Ash Code "Perspektive"
• X-O-Planet "Voyagers"
• Luminous At Core "She Was Searching For An Exit In The Dark"
• Samaritan Code "The Man From The Shadow Galaxies"

Playlist #newmonday für
*** MO, 21.05.2018 ab 20:00 Uhr ***
(Wdh MO, 28.05.2018 ab 20:00 Uhr)

Nox Interna "Doomed Generation"
The Cascades "Behind The Curtain"
Die Krupps "Fuck You"
Negant "Repeat"
ARMAGEDDON DILDOS "Intimidated 7'mix"
Die Robo Sapiens "Teufelskreis"
Nervenbeisser "Du Gehst (Dead Sissi Rmx)"
PORN "Dream On (Erotic End Of Times Rmx)"
Dusk to Dawn "Exit"
Lederman De Meyer "A Tribe Of My Own"
TARUS Project "Electrified Night"
Funker Vogt "Wahre Helden"
Darkness on Demand "Forever (Eisfabrik Rmx)"
Dunkelsucht " Aufgewühlte Wasser"
Cryo "Control"
VantaNoir "The Wish (Dimitri Berzerk Rmx)"
PLEXIPHONES "Love Child (LoveLightBeam Rmx)"
Audiotherapie "Healing Hands"
INTENT:OUTTAKE "100 Hertz Schmerz"
Excubitors "Unperson"
Strehmann " Spielfigur"
Projekt Ich feat. Markus KühnelElandor "Doch Das Was Blieb (Nature of Wires Rmx)"
Elektrostaub feat. !distain "Dunkle Zeit"
Welle:Erdball (official) "1000 Engel (Tax-5 Rmx)"
Emotional : Confused feat. Mario Maida (Out of Sphere) "In Eine Neue Welt (People Theatre Rmx)"
The Arch " Cocks Populi"

Playlist #newmonday edit#12 
(2018/06/04 8PM C.E.T.)

• Dunkeltraum "Das Meer"
• Elandor "The Enemy"
• Unherz "Mein Glas"
• MONO INC. "Welcome To The Hell"
• Psihokratija "The Hunting"
• Musicum Theatrum "Neues Spiel"
• Ira-k Organisation "Lament"
• DV8R "Legion"
• System Noire "Dead Inside" 
• U-Manoyed "The Truth"
• Eisherz "Stahlpanzerrohrgewinde"
• COLD STORM "Slave Mantra"
• All The Ashes "Zurück auf Null"
• Frame of Mind feat. Leather Strip "We're Not Alone"
• Miseria Ultima "Submerged"
• Desastroes "Hvnger"
• Psy'Aviah feat. Lumi "Searching For The Sun"
• Purwien und Kowa "A Fake"
• Cesium_137 "Shiver"
• TWILIGHT-IMAGES (official) "Resist"
• Reduced Silence "Prejudice"
• CYTO "You"
• DE/VISION "They Won't Silence Us"
• NOYCE™ "Heimat"
• Somegirl "Somegrrrl (Matt Cellitti Mix)
• Goldfrapp feat. Dave Gahan " Ocean"
• SixTurnsNine "Threat In The Neck (State Of Siege Mix)

Playlist #newmonday 15th edition '18
MO, 2018/07/16 @8PM CET ????
Rerun: 2018/07/23 @8PM CET

• Forty Shades "God And The Idol"
• Beyond the Black "Heart Of The Hurricane"
• Shock Therapy "Let Me Go (V.2018)"
• Marilyn Manson "Cry Little Sister"
• Scarlet Dorn "Heavy Beauty"
• Hanz von Spehr "Sind Es Dämonen"
• Joachim Witt "Mein Diamant"
• Leichtmatrose "Jerusalem"
• ManMindMachine "Resistance"
• Any Second "Sturm"
• Blind Passenger feat. Claus Larsen AE "Yes Sir"
• Leaether Strip "Erdbeermund"
• Dorsetshire "Timemachine"
• Dynastie "Sein"
• MonoSapien "Kleiner Mann (Wach Auf)"
• SONO "Let Go (Rotoskop Rmx)"
• Melotron "Alles Auf Anfang"
• Analogue-X "Another Time"
• Life On Mars - official Site "My Thoughts"
• Sea of Sin "Truth"
• HALO EFFECT "I Never Meant To Hurt"
• Alphamay "Black Parasite"
• Unitary "Woke (Vanguard I online Rmx)
• KOY " Water"
• Elektrostaub feat. Datasushi "Relikt"
• NOVA-SPES "Sleep"
• Rummelsnuff "Amundsen"
• Tax-5 "Leaving"

????Diesmal wieder mit Gewinnspiel????


Playlist #newmonday • 18th edit
START: 2018/08/27 @8PM CET ????
Rerun: 2018/09/03 @8PM CET ????

• Killing Suzy "Sisters"
• Lord Of The Lost "Morgana"
• The Snatcher "Dein Dämon"
• GIRLS UNDER GLASS "Endless Night"
• DomeniQus Intermundia "Rachel!"
• PORN "Close The Window (Aura Shred Rmx)"
• Psihokratija Gorjan Krstic "Merciful Dreamer"
• CrackDown "Blue Rats (Coil Cover)"
• I, Symptom "Being Friendzoned (Clayfeet Not To Nice Mix)"
• MonoSapien "Herz Schreit"
• Audio Toxic "Never Gonna Get It"
• Cabaret Bizarre,Independent Synthpop "Angelface"
• Perpacity "Telethon"
• Eric C. Powell Music "Gone"
• !distain - Official Facebook page feat. Oren Amram & Baruch Friedland"Inside-Out"
• Alex Braun "Eiskalt"
• State of the Union "Mindless (ES23 Rmx)"
• Solitary Experiments "Crash & Burn"
• Reduced Silence "Stars"
• Mills "Lost"
• Alobar "Cryosleep"

Playlist #newmonday 21st edition
START: 2018-10-08 @8PM CET ????
Rerun: 2018-10-10 @8PM CET ????


• Vanta "Supernova"
• Sometime The Wolf. "Never Wake (In Dream)"
• Florian Grey "Until We Go Down"
• Stoneman "Tiefschwarz"
• AnnA Lux "Verbrannt"
• TONTTU "Tonttuuden Loputtomassa Suossa Soi Pimeyden Ääni"
• NORMORIA "Falling"
• tEaR!doWn (official) "Across The Sky"
• Glenn Love "System Alert"
• Mlada Fronta (official) "The Warrior"
• Croona "Ashes From The Past"
• FabrikC "Cherubim (Megiddo Rmx by Nano Infect)"
• INHALT "Schwarz"
• Dynastie "Falling Angels"
• Black Dysaster "Day After Day" / DJ Rauschi (WELTPREMIERE !!!)
• Lyciarh Conform "Deepthroat"
• Aiboforcen "Caresse"
• Obscure "Getting Fooled By Lies"
• Machinista "Dark Heart Of Me (Apoptygma Berzerk Rmx)"
• Halo In Reverse "Let You Down"
• Retrojunkies "Alternate Reality"
• Analogue-X "Dark Shadow (Faltenhall the Artist Rmx)" (WELTPREMIERE !!!)
• TARUS Project "Der Geist Im Haus" (WELTPREMIERE !!!)
• Wort-Ton feat. RROYCE "Königskinder"
• Oliver Papke & Colin Powell "Paradise"
Enjoy the After-Show-Mix until 11PM CET!???? Music nonstop (incl. another world premiere !!!) ????

Marcelo Andrea Expreso Maniqui Electropop • Beyond Obsession • TORUL• Depechen (New Mix: WORLD PREMIERE !!!) • GEN.MANIPULIERT • Fix8:Sėd8 • Information Society • Gertrud Stein Band

Playlist #newmonday 24th edition 2018 

START: 2018-11-19 @8PM CET 
Rerum: 2018-11-26 @8PM CET

• The Coventry "From Before The Beginning"
• Nordic Union "The Best Thing I Never Had"
• Rafael Grys "SeeMeile"
• Battle Scream "Kinderaugen"
• Kælan Mikla "Næturblom"
• LYCIA "Mist"
• HOLYGRAM "Distant Light" 
• Broken Ego "Rescue Me"
• The Prodigy "Need Some1"
• Techniques Berlin "Driving Force"
• Radioaktivists "Radioaktive"
• Season of Ghosts "Listen To This (Fatal FE Rmx)
• GEN.MANIPULIERT "Rabenschwarz"
• District 13 "Will I Ever See The Light"
• Funker Vogt "Wasteland"
• In Strict Confidence "Flashback"
• Dreadpan "The Death Of My Third Wife"
• Pseudokrupp Project "Mein Weg!"
• Psihokratija Gorjan Krstic "Summer Night"
• SONO "Top Of The World"
• Sven Rebentisch "Kindertotenlied (Psycophant Radio Cut)"
• Hidden Souls Argentina "Hearts And Minds (Paralyzed Rmx)"
• Empathy Test "Incubation"
• Third Realm "Endless Melancholy"
• Black Tape For A Blue Girl "On Some Faraway Beach"
• Inkubus Sukkubus "Sabrina - Once More And Again"
• Jean-Michel Jarre "Flying Totem (Movement 2)"

Playlist #newmonday 1st edition 2019 ⭐
START: 2019-01-14 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 2019-01-21 @8PM CET 

LORDS-OF-SALEM "Zombie Monkey Woman"
Subway to Sally "Königin Der Käfer"
Shadow Domain "Give Up On Joy"
Kæstel "Könige Und Kaiser"
Visions In Clouds "No Way Out"
Sleep Thieves "Marauder"
Date at Midnight "Surrendering To Memories"
Sharon Next "Feuerzeichen"
Lindemann feat. Haftbefehl "Mathematik (A19 Version)"
Orange Sector (offiziell) "Die Fahne"
Ultimate Soldier "Godless Rage"
minusheart "On Mercury"
Six Faces "Brutal Emptiness"
Alphamay "Follow Me"
Model Kaos "Liars"
In Good Faith "Vergehen"
Apoptygma Berzerk "Backdraft (Deviced by The Invincible Spirit)"
SOULIMAGE "Break The Silence (Challandor Rmx)"
Analogue-X "Angel Of Light" RADIOPREMIERE ????
Mental Discipline feat. Synapsyche "Synthetic Soul"
The Frixion "What We Gonna Do? (Vieon Rmx)"
Eric C. Powell Music feat. Andrea Powell "Need A Place"
Wiegand "Down The Memory Lane"
Kennelklubben "Till Sista Droppen"
Ruined Conflict "Good Bye (Last Words)"
Alien Skin "Premiére Guerre Mondial"

Playlist #newmonday 4th edition 2019 

START: 2019-02-25 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 2019-03-04 @8PM CET 

Stahlmann "Kinder Der Sehnsucht"
Die Klute " It's All In Vain"
Hell's Guardian "Blood Must Have Blood"
Florian Grey "Bluecifer"
PORN "Tonight, Forever Bound"
Samuel Sandmann "Immer Nur Frei"
Long Night "Cold Light"
Crying Vessel "The Last Song (TRISOMIE 21 Cover)"
Glaring "Concrete"
Vector Seven "Infinity"
Leere "Gleisdreieck"
V>lh>ll "Dead Waves (Dkryption Rmx)"
[de:ad:cibel] "Multitasker"
Front Line Assembly (Official Fan Page) ft. Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost) "Wake Up The Coma"
Darkness on Demand "All Human"
Destryur "She Comes At Midnight"
Metroland "Proiezione 41-828 (OT Vorsprung Rmx)"
VANGUARDfb "Save Me"
Uncreated "Not Your Soldier"
Alphamay "Conform Us"
Outpost Of Progress "On The Heights Of Despair"
Rafael Grys "Der Wolf"
Saft "Visa Vara Vingår"
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows (offiziell) "Vor Dem Tode Träumen Wir"
Joachim Witt "xxxxxxxxx"*
Weightlezz "Lost In The Waves"

Playlist #newmonday  7th edition 2019 ⭐

START: 2019-05-06 @8PM CET 
Rerun:  2019-05-13 @8PM CET 

GNADENBROT ft. Barni Söhnel "Landgang"
Stahlmann ft. BLUE MAY ROSE "Wenn Du Gehst"
WISBORG "Blood Is Life"
Amaranth "Submerged"
Children on Stun "Echoes"
Brotherhood "Down"
Darkswoon "Human Faults"
The secret french postcards "Your God"
• Angel-Maker  "Hope-Song"
Data Fragments "Walking In The Rain"
Amnistia (Official) "Through The Night"
My Love Kills "Love Is Suffering"
Lilith My Mother "Face The Fall"
Cyanbaal "Angel Park"
ALexis Voice's World "Dipole"
Nórdika "Nada Más"
MASSIVE EGO "Super Selfie Superstar"
Patenbrigade: Wolff "Follow Me"
The Livelong June "The Greatest Loss"
thewalkingicon "Unicorn"
MonoSapien ft. SHY "Erinnerungen (Club Mix)"
PLEXIPHONES "Running (L_iGH_T Rmx)
Uncreated "Suffocated"
In Strict Confidence "Zauberschloss (L'Âme Immortelle Rmx)"
Marissa Nadler "If We Make It Through The Summer"
Saltatio Mortis "Europa (Klassik Version)"
Schiller "Berlin-Tehran"

Playlist #newmonday  10th edition 2019 ⭐

START: 2019-06-17 @8PM CET 
Rerun:  2019-06-24 @8PM CET 

Kohlewerk "Schwarzes Wasser"
Allerseelen "Antonin Artaud"
Habergoaß "De Drud"
The Rope "Eyes"
Second Still "Spiders & Spies"
GIGAHEARTS "Kombat Song"
Going to Catalunya "Polaroids"
Double Eyelid "A Means To An End"
La Mécanique "Dernier Voyage"
Closed mouth "The Shadow Is Cast"
AI-Zero "Show Them New Beginnings"
Projekt F "Killing On The Dance Floor"
• Kirlian Camera "Hellfire"
Mr.Kitty "Bullet"
reADJUST "Gassenhauer (Club-Rmx by Twisted Destiny)
Accessory "No Man Covers (Neustrohm Rmx)"
All The Ashes "Liebeslied"
Bysmarque & Snowwhyte "Living It Up"
KAOS! "What Have I Done (Saarde Rmx)"
Logic & Olivia (official) "The Diamonds And The Slaves"
Espermachine "Red.Set.Cry"
This Human Condition "Normal (Nature of Wires Rmx)"
Omnimar "Humans (Disorder Faith Rmx)"
Machinista "Astrid"
Empathy Test "Empty-Handed"
Hollowlove "River Of Crows"

Playlist #newmonday  13th edition 2019 ⭐

START: 2019-08-12 @8PM CET 
Rerun:  2019-08-19 @8PM CET 

Schattenmann "Nadel Und Faden"
New Model Army "Never Arriving"
Echoberyl "Salt On Scars"
VAZUM "Someday"
• Girl In Red "I'll Die Anyway"
Creux Lies "Made"
Feu Follet "Le Sotré"
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (Official) "Ménage À Trois"
Death Loves Veronica "Coroner"
Romantic Industry "Industry Bloody Industry"
Velvet Acid Christ "The Colors Of My Sadness"
DARK-O-MATIC "Make Me Blue (Purple Fog Side RMX)"
Carlo Onda "Geister"
TECHNOLORGY "Demons To Drown"
Sven Rebentisch & Milian Hardt "DRECK" - (USK16 !!!)
• Buzzing Sound Candy "Tasted Heaven (Fused - Please RMX)"
Mystic Experience "Elements Of Life"
Dynastie "Just For Me!" - (RADIOPREMIERE !!!)
Snake Heart Society "Under The Milky Way (The Church Cover)"
Stereoinsolo "Flowers On The Moon (The Frixion Single RMX)"
The Second Sight "Make It On Your Own"
Oehl "Über Nacht"
Projekt Ich ft. Asia Wolf (END OF NEW) "Lullaby For Alisa (POS.:2 RMX)"
Dorfschmidt//Gröhder "Raub Des Träumers" - (RADIOPREMIERE !!!)

Playlist #newmonday 16th edition 2019 

START: 2019-09-23 @8PM CET 
Rerun:  2019-09-30 @8PM CET 

The Edge Of Reason (TEOR) "Squeezed Lemon"
Ravenfield "The End"
Night Nurse "Get Even"
Silencer "Irgendwann Wiedersehen"
Hämatom "Freiheit"
ANTIHELD "Ma Petite Belle"
Cenizas "God & Men"
WINGTIPS "Here And Now"
BÖSER WOLF ft. Jan M. Cole "Amerika, 1819"
The Slow Show "Low"
Psihokratija Gorjan Krstic "Rob Your Mind"
Closed mouth "The Shadow Is Cast"
WERKSFRONT "Freundschaft"
Akasha Chronik "Fallen"
Wolfskinder "Zwischen Liebe Und Tod"
Michele Villetti "The Genius"
RROYCE "Parallel Worlds"
WANT/ed "Sputnik 1 (Spacecraft)"
Midnight Resistance "Dare"
Loewenhertz "Truth In Me"
Lorelei Dreaming "Of Stars"
LIGHTSHIFTERS "In-Between Worlds"
berge "Das Heiligste Der Welt"
Quantum Dot "Fast Forward"
Imaginary Ladscape "Where Will We Go"

Playlist #newmonday 19th edition 2019 

START: 2019-11-04 @8PM CET 
Rerun:  2019-11-11 @8PM CET 

Valcata "Our Quest"
TiefRot "Reglos"
Paralyzed "Graveyard"
Heartlay "Acrookeddream"
October Burns Black "Dark Times Ahead"
LOAD "Black Knight Satellite"
GReeeN "Freunde"
Leelo "Afraid To Die Alone"
The Curve "Ride My Pony"
Wolf & Moon "Braver Dreamer"
6th circle "Taking Us Down"
GoFight "Clones"
The Mystic Underground "Tempted By The Sound Of Violence"
CULTTASTIC "Gravity Void"
Perfection-Doll "Shadow Exchange"
Dernière Volonté "Au Dessus Des Lois"
We The North ft. Vita Arkivet "Vi"
Nórdika "Come With Me"
Iris "Take The Pain"
ALIENARE ft. AnnA Lux "World Away"
Southern Pines - official "Neonlights (Different Lights)"
Unca Mau "My Fire Went Out"
Seasurfer ft. Elena Alice Fossi "Blue Days (John Fryer Mix)
Cult With No Name "In Hollywood You Won't Find Bel-Air"
Challandor "Solar Flares"

Playlist #newmonday 22st edition 2019 

START: 2019-12-16 @8PM CET 
Rerun:  2019-12-23 @8PM CET 

The Silverblack "The Ghostwalker"
Unzucht "Nein"
Wolf Sheriff "I'll Have What I'm Having"
Barmy Rote "Unnecessary"
My Ugly Clementine "Playground"
Drab Majesty "The Other Side"
The Twilight Sad (Official) "And She Would Darken The Memory"
Shadowlands "Broken Record"
Doors In The Labyrinth "To Drive The Cold Winter Away"
Birdeatsbaby "How Do I"
Altare Thotemico "Petali Sognanti"
Northern Lite "Green Apples"
minusheart "On Mercury (Morning Sky Mix)"
[de:ad:cibel] "Caligo"
Third Realm "Twin Flames"
Beyond Border "Enjoy Your Life"
Synthax Xtructure "Here I Stand"
Icy Men "Полупустые автобусы (Unihabited Busses)"
The Colours of Silence "Angels Of Desire"
Retrojunkies ft Tom Delay "Ich Hör Keine Glocken Mehr"
Parralox "Hurricane"
Aux animaux "Phonophobia"
Zucchero Fornaciari "Sarebbe Questo Il Mondo"
Monelise "Now I See"
Miel Noir "Prepare"

Playlist #newmonday 3rd edition 2020 

START: 17.02.2020  @8PM CET 
Rerun:  24.02.2020  @8PM CET 

Grenzen/Los "Wir Stehen Hier"
Black Lilium "Start All Over"
Katy Needs A Life "Metaphor (Radio Cut)"
Vlad In Tears "We Die Together (Video Edit)"
Clone Culture "Souvenirs"
Stereoccult "Dedication"
Velvet Kills "In The Gold Mine"
OUL "Breathe In"
PORN "In An Endless Dream"
Mila Mar "Hyaene"
Last Influence of Brain "Invasion / Introverted"
Kurs Valüt "Nemae Sliv (Klutae RMX)"
AMPAX "Wenn Du Gehst"
ALPHAMAY "Afterglow (ES23 RMX)"
Studio-X vs Simon Carter "I'm Alive (2020 Version)"
Versus Goliath "Friss Oder Stirb (Industrial Edit)"
Paradox Obscur "Abeyance"
Merge "Nowhere Girl (B-Movie Cover)"
Desastroes "Melancholia"
Sharon Next "Holyhead"
Shadoworld "Empty Rooms"
Beyond Obsession "Terrible Invention"
Lights A.M "Walking Through The Dark"
Andmai "Yesterday"
WOGE "Sehnsucht"

Edit #001:  24.11.2019, 17:00 CET

with DJ Joachim "The Nightfly"  -  RADIO-MIX !!!

00:00 Run: "Sternenklar"
00:46 Seasurfer ft. Elena Alice Fossi "Blue Days (John Fryer Mix)"
02:03 Alex Braun "Chasing Cars"
05:57 ES23 "When I'm Gone (Dungeon Rmx by Reichsfeind)"
08:08 AGONOIZE "A Vampires Tale"
11:26 INTENT:OUTTAKE "Every Start Has An End"
14:30 Blutengel "Another Dream"
16:17 Croona "Dare To Die"
18:04 Illusion of Light "Create Yourself"
22:15 CygnosiC "Epiphany"
25:44 TECHNOLORGY "Gimp"
28:46 SPARK! "Cause And Effect"
31:32 Kontrast "Nachtclub (Einheizmix)"
33:46 NØIR "Luxury"
36:10 COBALTUM "Mit Flügeln Aus Stahl"
40:30 engelsstaub "Child's Play"
42:27 La Scaltra "Rhythm Of Our Dead Hearts"
44:39 CYTO "Dressed To Creep (Rob Dust Rmx)"
46:55 Beyond Obsession "Revolution From Below (Eisfabrik Rmx)"
49:16 CattaC "Just One More Day (Defiant Machines Rmx)"
50:58 Stars Crusaders "Army Of Impostors (Egoprisme Version)"
52:19 Unca Mau "Soft Paws (DVIIIS Dark Rework)"
53:24 Unity One "Bring The Storm"
55:17 Mechanical Cabaret "Allow It"
56:54 Fractal Age "Not Yet"
60:10 Rockets LBM Project "No Recall"

Playlist #newmonday 6th edition 2020 

START: 30.03.2020  @8PM CET 
Rerun:  06.04.2020  @8PM CET 

VOLNA "He Climbed The Ridge But Lost The Way"
Moonscape "The Throes Of Desperation"
Auger "Insurgence"
Palais Ideal "Shot By Both Sides"
Then Comes Silence "W.O.O.O.U"
Black Angel "She (Empress RMX)"
GIANT WAVES (Karlyv Tyn) "укусил сугроб"
Descendants of Cain "Look What You Made Me Do"
Kirlian Camera (official) & Friends "Der Letzte Tourist In Europa"
Uhri "In The Name Of The Nation"
Rotersand "Silence"
Antipole "Decade Apart (ACTORS Rmx)"
Humans Can't Reboot "Fading (Club Edit)"
AGE ZERO "Dark Traveler"
Beat Noir Deluxe "Allein (Projekt Ich RMX)"
Mängelexemplar "Zu Den Sternen Und Zurück"
Cold in May "Victim"
This Human Condition "God Kills Another Kitten (Radio Edit)"
District 13 ft. Scott Mick "Throw It Off"
The Grey Disorder "No Time To Die (Artefaktor Mix)"
Daysound ft. Neil Francis Official "Photograph (Radio RMX)"
Crystal Joilena ft. BlueForge "The 90's"
Captive of Society ft. Ursula Hösel "Waldesfrieden"
Anni Hogan "Crimecity (Ann Margaret Hogan)"

Edit #004:  01.03.2020, 17:00 CET
with DJ Joachim "The Nightfly"  -  RADIO-MIX !!!

00:00 Intro
00:03 Bevorstehendes Ende: „In Timore Dei“
01:24 Cotrax & Messer: „Origin (Hatikwa RMX)“
03:06 AyceAce: „Asiul (Original Mix)“
05:06 R.I.P. (Roppongi Inc. Project): „Bazooka (Chris Keya RMX)“
06:53 FabrikC: „Hexenjagd (Club Mix)“
09:27 CSIBD ft. Paul Nanu: „Dark Tribe“
11:14 Die Robo Sapiens ft. Leaether Strip: „Kaltes Klares Wasser“
13:29 Heiniche vs. Negant: „Twisted“
15:27 Kurs Valüt: „Neamae Sliv (Klutae RMX)“
18:41 Nebula Black: „Body Electric“

20:15 ALPHAMAY: „Afterglow (ES23 RMX)“
23:25 AnnA Lux & Faderhead: „Sanctuary“
25:40 Xpectra & Maureen Sky Jones: „See The Light (Tycoos RMX)“
28:47 NeuroWulf: „The Trisagion“
30:27 nine seconds: „Living On Video (RMX)“
32:28 Beyond Border: „Stand (Adams Sky RMX)“
34:26 Les Anges De La Nuit: „Voyage“
37:26 Synapsyche: „Attack“
38:53 The Second Sight: „History (Club Mix)“

40:21 WOLF: „Ich Hasse Dich (Extended Version)“
43:41 unitcode:machine: „Instinct“
46:04 xotox: „Ufo (Pete Crane RMX)“
48:20 Studio-X vx Simon Carter: „Burning Fire“
50:17 PROJECT FALLING: „Your Own Home“
52:48 Versus Goliath: „Friss Oder Stirb (Industrial Edit)“
55:07 New Neon: „A Cocktail Of Controversy (Neon Mix)“
57:49 PAGE (Official Fan Page): „Blöder Du“
60:26 Outro

Playlist #newmonday 12th edition 2020 

START: 06.07.2020  @8PM CET 
Rerun:  13.07.2020  @8PM CET 

Joe Satriani "Nineteen Eighty" 
Frankie La Mano "Little Baby Boy" 
The Black Effect "My Very Cold Heart" 
Guillotine Dream "Vermillion" 
Hexate "Sisters" 
DoppelgangeR "He Feels Coming Destination Of Death" 
Control Room "Erase" 
Instant Lake "Ludopathia" 
Daniel Biscan "Lichter" 
In Ruin "Lygar" 
• Skalski "Please, Don't Tell Your Mum" 
AD:keY offical "Herz Lass Los (MonöChrome RMX)" 
Karl Kave & Durian "Café Weidinger" 
Yello "Waba Duba" 
Wiegand "Get Informed" 
Dance My Darling "Carousel"
• TemnaVoda & Cobra "Hologram (Glass Hand Version)"
pandoria "Crush (digital ENERGY Rmx)" 
Robot's Last Dance "Synthetic Pain (Collapse Project RMX)"
Danielhallmusic "Leopard (Screamershocked RMX)" 
Beyond Border ft. Lis van den Akker "The Damned Don't Cry"
Promenade Cinema "The Arch House"
Music composer Jean-Marc Lederman Exp. "Letter: Emma Barson"
Wide Eye'd And Dreaming "Night Dreaming"

#newmonday 15th edition 2020
START: 24.08.2020 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 31.08.2020 @8PM CET 

Vivillain "Savior Master" 
Marilyn Manson "We Are Chaos" 
iLiKETRAiNS "A Steady Hand" 
Rosetta Stone - BandPage "Shock" 
Sthomia "Why Don't You" 
HAPAX "Cave (live)" 
Delphine Coma "Out Of My Head (Dead Ends Mix)" 
The Coventry "The Lovely Bones" 
Geometric Vision "Slowemotion (Molchat Doma RMX)" 
ABU NEIN "Rotten Garden" 
Schattenmann "Epidemie (Eisfabrik RMX)" 
Transcendent 7 "C O N T R O L" 
Kite "Teenage Bliss" 
Mental Exile "One Of Us (ES23 RMX)" 
In Good Faith "Contradiction" 
Valentina Reptile "Without Me (NyF RMX)" 
digital ENERGY "The Same Game (2020 Version)" 
Collapse Project "Test Drive (Sommer Of 2020 Edit)" 
Run: "Where I Am Complete (NMA Cover Electro-Mix)" 
AFTER the RAIN - Synth Band "Foreigner" 
Nature of Wires ft. LadyB: "Cut Me Open" 
Suffer Ring "Cicada" 
camlannmusic "To Vatican" 
Nelly Monk Music "Careful Mind" 

Playlist #newmonday 18th edition 2020 
START: 05.10.2020 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 12.10.2020 @8PM CET 

Ages "Illicit State" 
Bendida "Civilization" 
Keltikon "The Three Graves" 
Hell Boulevard "Hate Me" 
Light Field Reverie "Ultraviolet" 
The Asteroid No.4 "Paint It Green" 
Scatterface "Snowflake" 
Ehrenfeld ft. Felix Flaucher "Flowers (Burn All Evil)" 
Seeming "Someday Lily" 
Janus "Der Lange Weg Zurück (Single Version)" 
Zwaremachine "What We Are" 
Mirland/Larsen "Walking In My Sleep" 
Dunkelsucht "This Is Fu**ing Mainstream" 
Schwarzwald "Smell Of Pain (Diagnosis Autopsychosis RMX)" 
Uhri "After Blood (Electro Front Mix)" 
Lifelong Corporation "The Time Machine" 
The Darkstar Calling "Before The End (ES23 Rmx)" 
New Order "Blue Monday (2020 Remaster)" 
Strikkland "Truth Will Unfold" 
Antilav "Stay With Me" 
Alice Triskel "Dear Life" 
The Twilight Garden "Black And Blue" 
Hurts "Redemption" 
Luca Bluefire "Wounded" 
Bjorth - Nordic Music "Fýri" 

Playlist #newmonday 21. edition 2020 
START: 16.11.2020 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 23.11.2020 @8PM CET 

Engst "Alle Tragen Schwarz" 
SCARECROW "Don't Break My Skull Again" 
PYRAMAZE "World Foregone" 
AfterTime "Sanctuary" 
Coldun "I Dreamed A Dream" 
Paper Tigers "Try" 
Don Marco & die kleine Freiheit "Nervös" 
Altare Thotemico "Luce Bianca" 
Delphine Coma "Light And Shadow" 
Aeternitas "My Haunted Mind"
• Metzger "Heim (Chem RMX)"
Razorback Hollow "Collapse" 
Plastic Autumn (official) "Dystopia" 
Obsqure "Dusk" 
Massiv in Mensch | Rana Arborea official "Das Lied Von Manuel"
Strawberry Pills "The Voyeur" 
O89 "Couronne De Prince (Mila Dietrich RMX)" 
Projekt Ich ft. Ell Waters "That You Love Me" 
Faith Federica Sciamanna "Blank Page" 
The Mystic Underground "The Race" 
Dedalos "Euphoria" 
Mr.Kitty "Hurt" 
Nino de Angelo "Gesegnet Und Verflucht" 
DonBastiano "The Way" 




Diesmal mit *** 2 WELTPREMIEREN ***
und Gewinnspiel mit Verlosung !!! ✌✌

Playlist 13st edition of #newmonday 
2018/06/18 8PM CET !!! ????

• Erik Cohen "Fährwolf"
• CREMATORY "Salvation"
• Dezemberkind "Fremd"
• Bad Wolves "Zombie"
• SINISTER DAWN (1. RADIO PREMIERE - title published 18/06/18 @0:01 AM CET)
• AnnA Lux "Mädchen Im Koma"
• suicide commando "Death Lies Waiting"
• Metroland "Man In A Frame"
• Antibody feat. Avarice In Audio "Secrets"
• N3VOA feat. Leaether Strip "For The Fallen"
• Davos (Official) "Best Informed Boy"
• Audiotherapie "Morbus Mensch"
• The Colours of Silence feat. Kriistal Ann "Colours Of Rain"
• TWILIGHT-IMAGES (official) (2. RADIO PREMIERE - title published 18/06/18 @0:01 AM CET)
• 5TimesZero "Naked"
• Junksista feat. Essence Of Mind "Monday"
• TORUL "Explain"
• Loewenhertz "Golden (Tragic Impulse Rmx)
• Betray the Sun "Days"
• NINA "Sleepwalking"
• Waiting in Vain (GEWINNSPIEL VERLOSUNG: 2 handsignierte CD's des aktuellen Albums)
• AstraSonic "Precious Silence"
• Second Version "Am Ende Bleiben Wir"
• AVEC "Love"
• Morthem Vlade Art "His Striped Suit"
• Sun Of The Sleepless "The Burden"
• Bloodsucking Mallory "Trommelfeuer"

Playlist: 16th edit of #newmonday 
Starts: 2018/07/30 at 8PM CET
Rerun: 2018/08/06 at 8PM CET

• Strehmann "Kaufrausch"
• Florian Grey "The Unknown Pleasure"
• CattaC "The Suicider"
• Auger "End Of Our World"
• Dicepeople "Pigs"
• ELEGANT FORM "Tief In Mir"
• AMPAX "Wie Fühlt Sich Liebe (Alphamay Rmx)
• NACHTMAHR " Ungezähmtes Land"
• Franz Schultz "My Wish"
• Apsürde "Under The Moon"
• Projekt Ich feat. Erik Stein "This Time I'm Over It (Hoof Rmx)"
• Depechen Mußbach "Deine Meinung"
• District 13 feat. Conny (Infernosounds) "When The Blue Sky Faded To Black"
• SynthAttack "Final Salvation (ES23 Rmx)"
• Sven Rebentisch & Max Momentum "Dein Biss (Meet Him At The Fuckparade Rmx)"
• May-Fly (Tor Sten) "Licht Und Schatten (Rmx)"
• Expiring Time "Default Values"
• Dusk to Dawn "Traces"
• COLD STORM "Until The End"
• CHVRCHES feat. Matt Berninger's voice "My Enemy"
• Alex Braun "Pinocchio"
• Massiv in Mensch "Oceana II (Club Mix)"
• Six Faces "Show Me A God"
• Dynastie "Love (German Version)" GEWINNSPIEL !!!
• Advanced Reflex feat. Andre Weet "Von Liebe Fällt Kein Wort"
• DuesterLust "At The End Of Time"

Playlist #newmonday - 19th edition 2018 ????
START: 2018/09/10 @8PM CET ????
Rerun: 2018/09/17 @8PM CET ????

• Enemy Inside "Falling Away"
• Tomorrow's Eve "Dream Within A Dream"
• Fear Of Domination "We Dominate"
• Coheed and Cambria "Unheavenly Creatures"
• Broken Ego "Get Away (Rock Mix)"
• The Cosmic Fruit Company "Wipe My Ass"
• Black Fun Surgery "Plastic"
• In Strict Confidence "Mercy (Solar Fake Rmx)"
• Solar Fake "Sick Of You"
• El Ojo y la Navaja "Saturno"
• Olen'K "Architextures"
• District 13 "Touch Me (One More Time)"
• U-Manoyed "Deep Dark Fears"
• SUPERNOVA 1006 "Going Wrong (Paradox Obscur Rmx)"
• Croona "Killing Me Again"
• Blutengel "Surrender To The Darkness"
• Muse "The Dark Side"
• PAGE (Official Fan Page) "Start"
• Ashbury Heights "Ladders"
• Superikone "Traenen (@Bodypop Mix)"
• Projekt Ich feat. René & Susie Mußbach "Forgotten Dreams"
• Logic & Olivia (official) "Frei Und Gemeinsam"
• Betray the Sun "Du Und Ich"
• Peter Heppner feat. Joachim Witt "Was Bleibt"
• On My Isle "Kiss Me Tonight"


Playlist #newmonday - 22nd edition
START: 2018-10-22 @8PM CET ???? ⬅
Rerun: 2018-10-29 @8PM CET ????

• Absolem "Rip It"
• Rave The Reqviem "Illvminate Me"
• Hell Boulevard "Dead Valentine"
• Dunkeltraum "Fliegt Mit Mir" (WELTPREMIERE !!!)
• TiefRot "Zwischen Den Zeilen"
• The Lautreamonts "Who We Were"
• aeon sable "Follow The Light"
• Form "Going Under"
• Peter Heppner "Und Ich Tanz' (Drangsal Schwarzvolk Crossover Mix)"
• Projekt Ich feat. Michael Draw (Otto Dix) "Es Ist Wahr (Nature of WiresRmx)"
• Wiegand "Floating Away"
• Ace Tylumbra "Lost In The Darkness"
• CYTO "Right Now (The CutOff Rmx)"
• Widdendream "Adrift"
• LuMyia Dark ElectroGothic/Industrial/BodyMusic "The Sound Around"
• Project Pitchfork Official "The Great Storm"
• Future Lied To Us "Break Me Into Pieces"
• All The Ashes "Break Out (Thomas Darky (Thomas Dark ) Mix)"
• VNV Nation "Wonders"
• !distain - Official Facebook page "Maid Of Freedom (A Modern Effigy Rmx)"
• Life On Mars - official Site "A Place Called Here" (WELTPREMIERE !!!)
• Ell Waters "Halleluja (Hell-Mix)"
• Axel Samano "A Matter Of Time"
• Dorfschmidt//Gröhder "ZeitGeistReich" (WELTPREMIERE !!!)
Enjoy our After-Show-Mix after the Radioshow - music nonstop til' 11PM ???? with:
Second Version • Army Of The Universe - Official - • DE/VISION •Drunkness • The Overlookers • EIGENSINN • STAUBKIND • EISBRECHER OFFICIAL

Playlist #newmonday 25th Edition 

START: 2018-12-03 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 2018-12-10 @8PM CET 

• DuesterLust "Black Or White"
• The Edge Of Reason (TEOR) "River"
• Lejana " Bullet"
• Burn "Absinth"
• Ah Cama-Sotz "Lords Of Evil"
• Neon Lines "Dijnns"
• NOISUF-X "Runter In Den Bunker"
• Psyborg Corp. "Eins Zwei Polizei"
• KELPY "Tanz In Den Tod (Dancefloor Version)"
• Massiv in Mensch feat. Rana Arborea "Verne (Ave Maria)"
• V2A "Gravity Killer"
• Celldweller "The Seven Sisters (Voicians Rmx)"
• Centhron "Ich War So Frei"
• Projekt Ich feat. PLEXIPHONES "Time For Memories (People TheatreRmx)"
• ES23 "Taking Me Down (SynthAttack Rmx)"
• Desastroes "Unwesen (ES23 Rmx)"
• Coma Alliance "CA2"
• Cryo "Control (Xenturion Prime Rmx)"
• F O R M "Override"
• Alphamay "The God Games (Breathe Rmx by Schwarzschild)"
• Vadot "Wolfskind (Gegenwind Mix)"
• ManMindMachine "Porcelain Eyes"
• Damien Dawn "Stummer Schrei"
• KAELTE "Alles Anders"
• Deine Lakaien "Mahnung (live)"
• Stefan C. Schenkel - Music "All We Have Lost"

Playlist #newmonday 2nd edition 2019 

START: 2019-01-28 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 2019-02-04 @8PM CET  *

Mongol "Dschinghis Khan (Deutsch)"
Ewigheim -official- "Vom Mond Gemalt"
Alterity "Too Far Gone"
Bootblacks "Voices"
93MillionMilesFromTheSun "Summer Girl"
Hante. "Tomorrow Is A New Day"
The Cowls "Doesn't Feel Like It"
IC3PEAK "Сказка"
Low Factor "Yellow (Version II)"
Freunde der Technik "Grüß Dich"
Tommi Stumpff "Massaker"
M73 "Nightfall"
NACHTMAHR "Antithese"
Acretongue "Requiem"
MORIS BLAK "Codex Benzadryne"
Hidden Souls Argentina "The Guilt (Paralyzed Rmx)"
Sonorus7 "Incendio (Eisfabrik Rmx)"
SOMAN "Blue Flame"
Neuroticfish "Fluchtreflex"
Etern "Ways"
Schwarzschild "Seelenleid"
ENGELSBLUT "Himmel Fort"
SCHEUBER "Recaptured"
Lost in Desire "Say Hello Say Goodbye"
Neocoma "Like An Angel"
Arsine Tibé "Responsibility II"

Playlist #newmonday  5th edition 2019 ⭐

START: 2019-03-11 @8PM CET 
Rerun:  2019-03-18 @8PM CET 

Nervenbeisser "Alles Gut"
SOULIMAGE "Human Kind"
OXIC Inc. "Savior Master"
0Kontrol "Lune"
ACTORS "Bury Me"
Sydney Valette "My Pride"
LEDING "Ships"
Spiryt "Effigie"
Ohm "Undone"
Negant "Berserker"
Orange Sector (offiziell) "Hellfire"
Zweite Jugend "Die Ganze Nacht"
Jean-Marc Lederman ft. Agi Taralas "Nothing Shall Remain"
Blinky Blinky Computerband "Birth School Work Death (2k19)"
Frontwave Machine "Blackest Boots"
DomeniQus Intermundia "Engel (Sternentanz)"
Tritoxin "Neues Licht"
Outsized ft. Blind Passenger "As Long As We Fight"
Desastroes "Winterschlaf"
Model Kaos "Stories"
Harmjoy "We Could Go On"
Black Snow In Summer "Another Sleepless Night"
The Violent Youth "Space"
felix marc "Totem"
Psy'Aviah ft. Saydi Driggers "Dream Fever"
Lloyd Price "Polemic"

Playlist #newmonday  8th edition 2019 

START: 2019-05-20 @8PM CET 
Rerun:  2019-05-27 @8PM CET 

Nachtfalter "Anderes Leben"
Kantig "Adrenalin"
APRYL "Im Mondlicht"
Waldgeist "Trabantenstadt"
BenjRose "Where Do We Go"
Cryo - Tekk "Gefangenes Ich"
Aegonia "The Severe Mountain"
IDLE HANDS - PDX "A Single Solemn Rose"
undertheskin "Borderline"
Erik Wave "Spleen"
Laurent Colson - Music "Primitive Spell"
• Alexandria's Dream  "Emptiness (Пустота)"
[:SITD:] (Official) "Drowning In The Flame"
Aesthetic Perfection ft. Jinxx "Mourning Doves"
People Theatre ft. Tess Fries "Welcome To Goodbye"
Plastic Autumn (official) "No More Lies"
TR/ST "Bicep"
Harmjoy "To Know Me"
Train To Spain "Monsters (Uncreated Rmx)"
Mondträume "Lovers, Sinners & Liars"
SoftWave "No Need To Hide"
Static Shore "Any Stage"
Ultimated "I Miss You"
Sólveig Matthildur "The End"
Stalingrad Valkyrie "Martyrium Europae"

Playlist #newmonday  11th edition 2019 ⭐

START: 2019-07-01 @8PM CET ????⬅
Rerun:  2019-07-08 @8PM CET ????

Texas Music Massacre "Vina Albali Magnum"
• Neon Tzigane  "Lost Without You"
Vlimmer "Bankrott"
Auger "Feline"
Henric de la Cour "A Texas Dream"
Silent Runners "Road Of Gold"
The Halo Trees "Alone In A Room Full Of Mirrors"
SubClass "Trust"
A Spell Inside "Ballerina's Poem"
This Eternal Decay "Away"
Vuduvox "Berlin (Pankow "Панков" Mastering)"
Massenhysterie "Hausfrauengelüste"
May-fly Bandpage "Strumfront"
Centhron "Toter Engel"
Projekt Ich ft. Oleg Degtiarev (Lilith My Mother) "The Lightman (Rene Mußbach RMX)"
Scintilla Anima "Back To Life"
Iioioioii "XXXXX" (track will be published asap)
POS.:2 "Electropop"
• Devoted BJ  "Magic Dream"
Sweat Boys "I Don't Love You"
Kontrast "Plänterwald"
Synapsyche "Welcome Dystopia"
IVATU "I'm Her"
Mila Mar "1,5"
Autumn Tears "Drift"

#newmonday  14th edition 2019 
START: 2019-08-26 @8PM CET 
Rerun:  2019-09-02 @8PM CET 

Jaylbreak "Knife"
Zwo Eins Risiko "Herz"
MONO INC. "Louder Than Hell"
• Velvet Ocean "Requiem"
AqPop "Sweet Hush"
DILK "No Reasons Why"
syberian "Order Of Disorder"
The Purge "The Purge"
Antipole ft. Paris Alexander Music "Syndrome"
Bragolin vs Adam Tristar "Let Out The Noise Inside"
Dead Trees "Buddha Natur"
Interface "Outside Looking In"
• 0kontrol "Little Monsters (People Theatre Mix)" = (4Kontrol - ex 0Kontrol / Tzktlpk - ex. 0Kontrol)
• NUMB (by Don Gordon) "The Waiting Room"
Aleksi Susi "The Gates With Two Suns"
LVX Aeterna "Demons"
Unity One "Reality (FrozenPlasma RMX)"
Mind Machine "Clouds Of Doubt (Fused Sacred RMX)"
Nature of Wires "First Light (mesh RMX)"
Arctic Sunrise "Time Is On Our Side"
Life On Mars - official Site "The Infinite Mass Of Art"
Positronic "Another Day"
Uwe Kallenbach "Ein Leben Lang"
Lina Maly "Was Du Mir Gibst"
Airborn "Impetus"

Playlist #newmonday 17th edition 2019 

START: 2019-10-07 @8PM CET 
Rerun:  2019-10-14 @8PM CET 

Tungsten "The Fairies Dance"
The HU "The Wolf Totem"
The Quinsy "Трупы (Corpse)"
David Hasselhoff ft. Tyler Bates - Music For Films "Heroes"
Fir Cone Children "Making Friends Is Easy"
Thees Uhlmann "Danke Für Die Angst"
SJÖBLOM "A Victory Of Love"
Bedless Bones "Where Is My Voice"
Caput Medusae "Angerona"
MajorVoice "This Lonely Ark"
INTENT:OUTTAKE "Der Letzte Tanz (X-O-Planet RMX)"
NeuroWulf "Underlined"
Slighter x Craig Joseph Huxtable "Give Me (Steven OLaf RMX)"
Black Sun Empire & Prolix "No Advance (Misanthrop RMX)
• CHEM "Sum"
• SAINTINELS "Gekata Beloved"
Egoamp "Puppet Of Joy"
digital ENERGY "Mirror (KAOS! RMX)"
Kurenbach ft. Mick "It's Alright"
Insight "Take My Hand"
Future Trail "Natural Matters (DJTHOMMY Retro Mix)"
Analogue-X "Facade"
Lisa Urban - Sängerin "Who Am I Again"
Konstantin Music "Awake 2 Paradise"
Hexenstaub "Fly Away"

Playlist #newmonday 20th edition 2019 

START: 2019-11-18 @8PM CET 
Rerun:  2019-11-25 @8PM CET 

Black Needle Noise with Anjela Piccard "Black Magic"
The Suncharms "Jet Plane"
Angels of Liberty "Josephine"
Cradle of Haze "Abendrot"
The Kentucky Vampires "Our Love Has No Goodbyes"
Erzengel "An Manchen Tagen"
Mills "Engel"
Iamnoone "Oblivion"
Tempers "Peace Of Mind"
Cigarettes After Sex "Heavenly"
Dark Machine Nation "Liar In Child"
Lucifer's Aid "Too Blind To See"
• COBALTUM "Für Dich"
NØIR "Back To Nature (Radio Edit)"
engelsstaub "Dance With The Dead" - (GEWINNSPIEL !!!)
Run: "Lichtblitz"
Caisaron "Unconnectable (Straight Edge RMX)"
Beyond Obsession "Revolution From Below (Eisfabrik RMX)"
La Scaltra "Rhythm Of Our Dead Hearts"
Illusion of Light "Create Yourself"
Fractal Age "Out Of The Blue"
• Alex Braun "Chasing Cars"
Box and the twins "Salt"
• Celine Hakelberg "Looking For A Lighthouse"
• Seven Ancient Wraiths "Beyond The Crimson Veil"

Playlist #newmonday 2nd edition 2020

START: 03.02.2020  @8PM CET 
Rerun:  10.02.2020  @8PM CET 

BELLS AND RAVENS "1808: Beethoven's 5th Symphony"
Znich & Рутвіца - Rutvica "Ой, над ракою"
Sündenrausch "Anderswelt"
Para Lia "Hawk Hill"
Lifeform 28 "Nur Für Uns (live)"
Hidden House "Hide"
Anum Preto "Outros Planos"
SHAD SHADOWS "Nocturnal"
Ego Likeness "Second Skin"
Playground Theory "Mary"
ISOTROPíA "But, Are You The King"
Cotrax ft. Gefickt Eingeschädelt "Gruppenzwang"
tEaR!doWn (official) "Being Boiled"
Analogsympathisant ft. Julia Fröhlich "Lauf Jane, Lauf!"
Mindless Faith "Bait"
Leaether Strip "Love Like Blood"
We The North "Violet"
Trauma Particle "Aeternum"
Mindmodvl "You're An Icon"
Fatigue "Next Exit"
PAGE (Official Fan Page) "Blöder Du"
marsheaux "Home (I Dream My Dreams)"
D I S H Y M N "Weit Ist Der Weg"
The Darkstar Calling "Before The End"
MURGRIND Official "Reign Of Hate"

Edit. #002: 08.12.2019, 17:00 CET
with DJ Joachim "The Nightfly" - RADIO-MIX !!!

00:00 Intro

00:23 Reichsfeind: Arise
01:35 Icy Men: Полупустые автобусы (Uninhabited Busses)
04:00 Miel Noir: My Hate (Darkness on Demand RMX)
06:23 Akasha Chronik: Sophia
08:10 Eisfabrik: And Nothing Turns (Rob Dust Version)
10:33 Insight: Last Goodbye (People Theatre's French Kiss Mix)
14:09 Whythemisery Electronicmusic: Sweet Believer (CrackDown Mix)
16:22 M73: Lowlife
18:07 Zweite Jugend: Flucht Von Der Erde (ARP Odyssey In Space RMX)
19:37 Monotronic: Mädchen Mit Der Löwenmähne
21:23 Third Realm: Twin Flames
23:56 minusheart: On Mercury (Morning Sky Mix)
25:25 [de:ad:cibel]: Caligo
28:36 Saintinels: Gekata Beloved
32:48 Beyond Border: Enjoy Your Life
34:59 Mystic Experience: Neon Culture
36:58 Empyres: Enter The Void
38:20 The Colours of Silence: Angel Of Desire
40:28 Ruined Conflict: Come And Get It
43:20 Causenation: The Things You Promise (Nova State Machine RMX)
45:24 INTENT:OUTTAKE: Singularity
47:24 [:SITD:] (Official): The Devil's Tongue
49:39 Dawn of Ashes: Inhuman Salvation
51:38 Pro Patria - the band: It's So Divine (Love RMX)
53:31 KAOS!: What Have I Done (Saarde RMX)
57:05 Mondträume: Feel
59:09 Eurotix: Hello Susie (Remodel)

Playlist #newmonday 5th edition 2020 

START: 16.03.2020  @8PM CET 
Rerun:  23.03.2020  @8PM CET 

CREMATORY "Rise And Fall"
Schultz Music "Rats In The Sewers"
HallecӃ "Zero"
Raskolnikov "Montauk Point Lighthouse"
Mayflower Madame "Ludwig Meidner"
Paradise Cove officiel "Dead End"
Two Moons "Sex And Desire"
Darwin "Picture Frame (Kevin Dippold RMX)"
Acid Fader "Tyrant"
Wardruna "Grá"
Resistent Project "Nuclear War"
Unidad Obscura "No Mas Oscuridad"
WÜLF7 vs TÖT "Flesh (Dark Vision Mix)"
Reality's Despair "Eosophobia (2020 RMX)"
New Neon "Devotion (Neon Mix)"
Klack "Lost Without You"
Kitsch Cats "Ddorf Style"
Projekt Ich ft Faltenhall "The Stranger (Imunar RMX)"
Roniit "Wide Awake"
Neuroactive "Night Flights"
Omnimar "You & I"
MonoSapien "Wenn Der Regen Fällt"
Alien Skin "Dreams Of A Boy"
Stella von Lingen "What Is Happiness"
Frontier Guards "Princess Fox"

Playlist #newmonday 7th edition 2020 

START: 13.04.2020  @8PM CET 
Rerun:  20.04.2020  @8PM CET 

Heckel & Jeckel "Welcome In Crow-Crasti-Nation"
Mauerschlag "Dynamit"
Mageia "Apophis"
Villagers of Ioannina City "For The Innocent"
TORUL "Show Me Your City (Teniversia)"
clan of xymox "She (Bragolin RMX)"
New Today "Blood"
The Black Capes "From Beyond The Grave"
ENiB "Lost"
Nevaria Official "Control"
MonöChrome "We Are Stompers"
Lykard "Unsterblich (Club Mix)"
5TimesZero "Stramm"
64 Rockets "Ruhleben (Qodex RMX)"
Die Braut "The Voice"
Plastic Autumn (official) "A Thousand Times (Vintage Version)"
Absurd Minds "Transformation"
Hypnocrates "Dark Creatures"
Sombre Moon "Linger (Extended Mix)"
Endanger "Burn Down This House From Inside"
Celluloide "Ta Main Se Glace"
Tonchirurgie "Waves"
The Rude Awakening "Butterflies"
Chandeen "You're In A Trance"
Hammer Of The Sky "Valkoista Tuhkaa"

Playlist #newmonday 10th edition 2020 

START: 01.06.2020  @8PM CET 
Rerun:  08.06.2020  @8PM CET 

VaterSon "Dangerous"
Lasse Reinstroem "Wake Up In Soweto"
The Way Of Purity "The Lyncher"
Partinico Rose "The End Of Summer"
The Ecstatic Spells "Great Loser"
PepperDreams "On My Own"
Vlimmer "Languna"
The Violent Youth "Хорошо Одному / Horosho Odnomu"
CODE SIX "Almas"
Temple Of Love "Trapped In A Fantasy"
Emergency Sequence "1938 (Savage Republic - Band Cover)"
Invisible Devastation "I Am Bastard 2.0"
xtort "Fire"
Glenn Love "Under 1"
Arctic Sunrise "Emptiness (Thomas Dark RMX)"
FrozenPlasma "Exit"
ALPHAMAY "60 Centuries"
JanRevolution "Freier Fall (Stay@Home Festival Mix)"
Empathy Test "Monsters"
Perpacity "Mice Of Men"
Church of Trees "Head On The Wall"
Sparks "Pacific Standard Time"
• Einstürzende neubauten.org "Möbliertes Lied"
Moby "My Only Love"
Challandor "Pale Blue Dot"

Playlist #newmonday 13th edition 2020 

START: 20.07.2020 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 27.07.2020 @8PM CET 

WOLF BLOOD "I've Got A Thing, You've Got A Thing..."
Herzegovina "Road Of Joys"
The Cold Field "Puppet Pulls The String"
Executioner's Mask "Freight Of Fire"
Ploho "По краю острова (Молчат дома)"
NØN "Away"
SURE. "Morrows"
Permaneço Deitada "Luzes"
Corde Oblique "Almost Blue"
Demon Machine "Feed Yourself" 
Blackcell "It Don't Come Easy"
Immune System Music Group "Shattered"
Meat Injection "Chemical Romance"
CCSB "Second Sight" 
• Screamershock "Rocket Rainbow Science (Punk Shocked RMX)"
Fixmer/McCarthy "Face Of An Angel"
Uncreated "I Was Wrong"" 
Fatigue "Bury It (CHVRCES Cover)"
Darwinmcd Music ft. Eminent Sol "Jubilation"
Empire State Human "Night Boy (Cyber Monday - Music Artist Synthwave RMX)" 
Kim Cameron & DJ Halo "Run (Collective Soul Cover)"
• Chronique "Soul"
Gloria de Oliveira "Roses In The Frost"
Arcana - Sweden "Closure"

Playlist #newmonday 16th edition 2020 

START: 07.09.2020 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 14.09.2020 @8PM CET 

Notörious "Have A Good Time" 
Burning Witches "Black Magic"
Breitseite Extrabreit (1) "Und Über Uns Der Himmel" 
Breitseite Extrabreit (2) "Die Fressen Aus Dem Pott" 
Inception Of Eternity ft. SINtana "Children From Hell" 
Giftig "High Enough (2020 Version)" 
Frozen Factory "Life Found Away"
DIAF "Erbsündt" 
Nervous Germans "Summer Of Love (2020 RMX)" 
French Police "En La Noche" 
Thalamusic "Moonlight Shadows" 
PULSE "Major Tom (Peter Schilling Cover)" 
Dead Lights "Death Pop" 
DJ Dani Tamayo "It's Up To You (Lifelong Corporation RMX)" 
Schoenborn25 "Don't Waste Your Time" 
Eisfabrik "A Better Way" 
Official Assemblage 23 "Welcome, Apocalypse" 
Julian Shah-Tayler Aka The Singularity Music ft MGT "Evolution"
Too Dead To Die "XXV" 
ES23 "Only Melodies Remain" 
FragileChild ft. Preraphaelite "Storm" 
BlakLight "Isolation" 
The Second Sight "Midnight Sun" 
SapphiraVee "My Game (DogTablet Soft Save Mix)" 
Sofia Portanet "Racines" 
Andy Lowe music "Emerge (RMX)" 

Playlist #newmonday 19th edition 2020 
START: 19.10.2020 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 26.10.2020 @8PM CET  

Sojourner "The Apocalyptic Theatre" 
Velvet Ocean "Broken" 
Ferris "13. Stock" 
Bianca Stücker - artist page & Dr. Mark Benecke "Chelsea Hotel No.2 (OOMPH! Rmx by 300mph Production)" 
ΜόΡΑ - MORA "Μονόλιθος (Monolith)" 
Kiss of the Whip "We're Not Here" 
Mulberry Sky "Golden Suit Problems" 
Chimerical "Watch As It Flows" 
Orplid -official- "Cortez" 
SOULIMAGE "Raining Blood (Piano Version)" 
synapscape "It Ain't Right" 
Italo Disco "Gangbangs For Life"
Tritoxin "Der Konsument (Kaufrausch Clubmix)" 
DCTB-official "Abgründe" 
Davantage "Beyond The Hills (Pulsing Blood)" 
Laurent Colson - Music "Servant Of Love" 
Diorama "Patchwork"
Navigator Project "Humans"
Violent Vickie "Lovelace"
SCHEUBER ft. Wollank "Never Been Missed"
Andrew Franey "Morning Of Angels"
Mister Music vs Doctor Beat "Hope And Despair (Short Mix)"
Frame of Mind "Flown To The Unknown"
Frecvens "Homeless"
Psy'Aviah "Slow Motion Bright Flashing Neon Lights"


Playlist #newmonday 22nd edition 2020 
START: 30.11.2020 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 07.12.2020 @8PM CET  

SadDoLLs "Call Me Pain" 
Genetic Variation "Democracy" 
KAFFKIEZ "Himmelblau" 
Fiaba "Dentro Il Cerchio Delle Fate" 
The Cassandra Complex "The Crown Lies Heavy On The King" 
Ploho "Прости" 
Bittersüßer Nachtschatten "Keine Perspektive" 
Lakeside X "Wonder (Radio Edit)" 
The Wake "Daisy" 
The Invincible Spirit "Under Control" 
Monsmeg "Amnesie" 
Croona "Sanctum (ES23 RMX)" 
Retrojunkies "Schöne Neue Welt" 
SCALA "Fake" 
FCH "Again" 
Ela Minus "Dominique" 
plasmaschwarz "Mein Kopf" 
The Wide Eye "Forever" 
STARwave "Warrior" 
Vogon Poetry "Milliways" 
Liya "Only Half"
Anna Öberg "Din Trampolin" 
Matthias Reim "Komm" 
Sigesmundsen "Believe" 

Playlist #newmonday 14th edition
2018/07/02 at 8PM CET ????

• Erdling "Tieftaucher"
• Unzucht "Nela"
• The venus fly trap "Flashback"
• Helalyn Flowers "Beyond"
• Microwaved "My Suicide Note (The Blue Hour Rmx)
• ADACTA " Electro Fire"
• Lucifer's Aid "Future Mess (Reworked)"
• Fatal Casualties "No Heaven"
• CrackDown "Finn"
• Noisy Deafness "On The Line"
• - Front Line Assembly - "Molotov"
• 2̵n̵d̵ ̵f̷a̶c̴e̷ "Nihilum (Essential)"
• Dunkelsucht "Die Sterne Sehen"
• Error Enter Exit (Offical) "Sturmflut"
• Caisaron "Never End"
• Logic & Olivia (official) "Night Of Despair"
• Monovibes "Back In Control"
• Uncreated "Evolve (Extended Rmx)"
• Challandor & e-bit "This Love"
• Snake Heart Society "Tonight"
• Johan Baeckström "Blood Red Moon"
• Retrojunkies feat. Jane Overnight "Das Leben Will Dich Nicht"
• Vadot "Triumph Der Ewigkeit"
• Digitale Dimensionen "Resonanz"
• STAUBKIND "Deine Zeit"
• LEDING "Stormclouds"
• Überraschung! Surprise! - A famous popstar released a new song! Top Secret! ???? ENCORE

Playlist #newmonday 17th edit. 
START: 2018/08/13 8PM CET ????
Rerun: 2018/08/20 

• Samuel Sandmann "Tot Ist Die Liebe"
• Erdling "Wieso Weshalb Warum"
• Stoneman "Dein General"
• Psychotica "All The Broken Souls"
• VantaNoir "Soul Eater"
• Unzucht feat. Katarina Gubanova "Nur Die Ewigkeit"
• Mono Inc. "Long Live Death"
• AVEC "Over Now"
• AnnA Lux "7 Fragen"
• Resistent Project "Thorium"
• Zwaremachine "DRKNRG"
• Berlyn Trilogy "Domus Aurea"
• Die Robot "Beautiful Skin"
• Northern Lite "Here You Go"
• Vision Talk "Come With Me (Outsized Rmx)"
• In Good Faith "Choose Your Way (DJ Malkavian Rmx)"
• Darwinmcd Music feat. Eric C. Powell Music "Click"
• Syrian - Electronic Music Band "Distance"
• Nórdika "Ojos Bien Cerrados"
• Hidden Souls Argentina "Mine"
• SEADRAKE "Soulsharer",
• Arctic Sunrise "Stars"
• Sea of Sin "Star (Stockholm Nights Rmx)"
• X-O-Planet "Storytelling"
• Katja von Kassel "Radio Symphonie (German Version)"
• Guido Dossche "Lichtfabrik"
• Autoclav1.1 "Line Fatigue" 

Playlist #newmonday - 20th edition 2018
START: 2018-09-24 @8PM CET ????
Rerun: 2018-10-01 @8PM CET ????

• Neontzigane "When Hell Freezes Over"
• Turm & Strang "Nebelmanöver"
• EIGENSINN "Zombie"
• Full Nothing "Unison"
• Scherbentanz "Der General"
• Mystigma "Unter Wölfen"
• N3VOA "Heart Of Stone"
• Leaether Strip "Harvest For The Rejects"
• Void Kampf "The Calling"
• Trash Deity "Emotions Matter"
• Bicker "High-Speed Society"
• SOMAN "Stripped (Nv Rmx)"
• Funker Vogt "Feel The Pain"
• GEN.MANIPULIERT "Leipzig Tanzt"
• In My Despair "10 Steps"
• Dede Von Lifeform 28 "Winterkind"
• Lilith My Mother "Supernova"
• Vogon Poetry "Super Hero Powers (Side Order Radio Edit Redux)"
• Helix "Like A Drug"
• Guido Dossche "Trost"
• FALTENHALL The Artist "Niemandsland"
• Six Faces "My Empathy"
• Suede "Life Is Golden"
• Stefan C. Schenkel - Music "A Place Of Dream Logic"


Playlist #newmonday • 23rd edition ????
START: 2018-11-05 @8PM CET ????⬅
Rerun: 2018-11-12 @8PM CET ????

• Stepfather Fred "Blue Pride"
• Dust In Mind "This Is The End"
• Still Patient? (official) "Metropolis"
• Atomic Neon "Keine Lügen"
• The Cascades "Phoenix"
• In Fall \ Gothic Rock band "Lavender Heart"
• SINISTER DAWN "Word In Vains"
• Jules Werna "Nebel"
• Frame of Mind "Nothing Else To Do" (RADIOPREMIERE !!!)
• DomeniQus Musicorum "Solaris"
• Grausame Töchter "Engel Im Rausch (Gregcore Rmx)"
• Seelennacht "The Pages In Between (CEPHALGY- Official Rmx)"
• HEINO "Das Model"
• Goteki "Piranha"
• 0Kontrol "Ἄψινθος - Zvezda (Man0K Cover, mastered by Stan1slavsky)"
• The Frixion "Magic"
• Static Shore "Embody"
• Sea of Sin "Hold On To Your Dream"
• Solitary Experiments "Brace Yourself!"
• Emika "Run"
• Depechen "Vergangenheit (remastered)"
• Kriistal Ann "Lost In Frame"
• Somegirl "Pink Dress"
• Leichtmatrose "Für Immer Stumm"
• White Birches "When The Street Calls"
• eluzian "Aura"

Playlist #newmonday 26th edition 2018 
START: 2018-12-17 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 2019-01-07 @8PM CET 

• Rabia Sorda "Demolicion"
• OOMPH! "Kein Liebeslied"
• Cosmic Ninja "Yeah Right"
• Johnny Deathshadow "Trauma"
• Faelder "Halt Die Welt Fest"
• Dominoe "Here I Am"
• Stefan Metzger "10.000 Lieder Die Alle Gleich Klingen"
• Alien Vampires "Ready To Die"
• Studio-X "L4D2"
• Glenn Love "Switch"
• INTENT:OUTTAKE "Es Ist Krieg (Funker Vogt Rmx)"
• Guardians Of Tears "Weck Mich Auf"
• Seelennacht "Vorwärts"
• MonoSapien "Herz Schreit (Mono's Moonlight Edit)"
• State Of The Union "Slither"
• Midnight Midnight "Sleek Black Car"
• BÖSER WOLF - the Wolf rocks feat. Alea-Josefine Adam "NEIN! (evo-lution Stompmix)"
• May-Fly feat. Be Frei "Verloren Geglaubt (Klub44 Mix)"
• Machinista "Picture Frame Eternity"
• TourdeForce "The Last Song"
• La Lune Noire "Fake News"
• Royal Visionaries "Peace Rain Down (Reflection Synthwave Rmx)"
• Blutengel "Auf Deinen Wegen"
• Chandeen "I Wonder As I Wander"
• Frame of Mind "Quiet Devil"
• Oliver Papke " Offizelle Seite " & Colin Powell "The Promised Land"

Playlist #newmonday 3rd edition 2019 

START: 2019-02-11 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 2019-02-18 @8PM CET 

Kæstel "Grenzen Sind Zerstört"
OOMPH! "Lazarus"
Johnny Deathshadow "Embers"
Frank The Baptist Official "Venomenon"
ROME (Jerome Reuter) "One Lion's Roar"
Mantus "Beltane"
Jean-Marc Lederman Experience "The Dead Still Scream"
Morthem Vlade Art "The Fog"
TC75 "Circles (Bunker Dresden Rmx)"
Das Fortleben (offiziell) "Vergessen (Deine Welt)"
DomeniQus Intermundia "Der Puls"
Guardians Of Tears "The End Of The World"
Align "Crashing Satellites"
Oma & Opa Rodriguez ft. Carlo van Putten "The Beginning"
AnnA Lux "Fade"
Snake Heart Society "Wish"
Alien Skin "P.O.P. Pop"
Culture Kultür "Refugee"
Ruined Conflict "Cast In Stone"
• HBYRIDIZED "In BLOOD With FIRE And ICE (VANGUARDfb Rmx)" / Hybridize Festival
Endanger "Too Precious For This World"
Cyanbaal "Wrong To Come Back"
L'Âme Immortelle "Fear"
Dunkelsucht "Nachtzug"
NEO "Kaltes Paradies"
Cœur "The Cathedral Part III: The Presence Of Evil"

Playlist #newmonday  6th edition 2019 ⭐

START: 2019-03-25 @8PM CET 
Rerun:  2019-04-01 @8PM CET 

VAN HOLZEN "Alle Meine Freunde"
BRENNER "Richtung Alaska"
F. Way "If Shadows"
MONOKULTUR "Die Erfahrung Zeigt"
Satan Takes A Holiday "A New Sensation"
Human "Last Exit Before The Crash"
XTR HUMAN "Reflections"
• Tofaat Doppler (תופעת דופלר) "Me'alai"
The Halo Trees "Hours Pass In Vain"
Lighthouse in Darkness "A Nightly Odyssey"
• Cult Of Haze "Moscow Suburbs"
Nature of Wires "Shame"
Faderhead "Starchaser"
CrackDown "Time"
Darkness on Demand "Stay Away"
DARK-O-MATIC "Zugzwang (Unity One Rmx)"
Tobias Bernstrup "Official" "Utopia (23rd Underpass Rmx)"
Aiboforcen ft Mari Kattman "In My Arms (Mondträume Rmx)"
AEX "17 Days"
Infernosounds "Home (Cold Winter's Night / DJTHOMMY Extended Rmx)"
Omnimar "The Road"
Mind Machine "We Keep Walking"
Kasper Hate "Crumbling Down"
Eurotix "Cold"
Future Trail "Cut"
DIE PLANK "Wildes Herz"
Devours "[Hidden Track]"

Playlist #newmonday  9th edition 2019 ⭐

START: 2019-06-03 @8PM CET 
Rerun:  2019-06-10 @8PM CET 

Rammstein "Tattoo"
Heldmaschine "Luxus"
Ritual Howls "Alone Together"
Marc Vanderberg ft. Paulo Cuevas "My Darkest Hour"
Japan Suicide "One Day The Black Will Swallow The Red"
Siberia "Memphis"
Minuit Machine "Empty Shell"
S Y Z Y G Y X "Kill The Pain"
Plastikstrom "Illusionär"
Neustrohm "Sturmpioniere"
White Night "Money"
Nature of Wires "Fight"
U-Manoyed "VR Mind"
Lpf12 "The Giant Void"
AFTER the RAIN - Synth Band "Running To The Sun"
JanRevolution "Chasing Through The Night"
Reliant "Self Preservation"
Consumer Junk "Machine"
Excubitors "Command And Conquer"
TOAL "Memory"
Vogon Poetry "Exposed Thoughts (Electric City Cowboys Rmx)"
Vanden Dool "Regrets"
Vanity Witch Project & Ascaneus Music "Regen Im Herz"
PIG "When I'm Done (A Secret of Eden Rmx)"
Sômbre "Outro"

Playlist #newmonday  12th edition 2019 ⭐

START: 2019-07-29 @8PM CET ⬅
Rerun:  2019-08-05 @8PM CET 

Dreams in Fragments "Nightchild"
Visionatica "Rise From The Ashes"
MajorVoice "We Were Fire"
The venus fly trap "Catalyst"
THE DEVIL & THE UNIVERSE "Altamond Apocalypse"
Golden Apes "Sleep"
Theatre of Tragedy "Frozen (Ambrosius RMX)"
Mauve Angeles "Painted Plumes, 15 st."
Eisenwolf "Krigsköter"
[P.U.T] "Nothing"
Octonomy "Do You Feel It Inside (Absolute Body Control Cover)"
Hieronymus FTP "Tanzkrankheit"
Winterhart "Maid Of Orleans"
XYLE "Forever And Ever"
unitcode:machine "Reflect"
Causenation "Demons Of The Night (Trancesendence Clubmix by First Aid 4 Souls)"
GRENDEL "XXXXX" (t.b.d.)
E-lektroTrieb "Außergewöhnlich"
Dreams Of Passion "Act I: Stella Supernova Of Discovery And Infatuation)"
Mondträume "Wither"
Andrew Franey "Glad To Meet You"
District 13 "Feuer Deiner Augen"
wortLAUT ft. Tonland "Durch Die Zeiten"
Glaring "Throw Your Dreams Into Space"
Science O.C.N. "D-Bug"

Playlist #newmonday  15th edition 2019 ⭐

START: 2019-09-09 @8PM CET 
Rerun:  2019-09-16 @8PM CET 

Equilibrium "Moonlight"
Sometime The Wolf. "Ashes"
Thanateros "The Lost King"
Visions of Atlantis "Nothing Lasts Forever"
8kids "Dein Zuhause"
Habergoaß "I Muass Raus"
Nemesea "Heavyweight Champion"
Paragon Cause "Save Me"
Linea Aspera "Antipodean Tedium"
Mills "Vater (...Unser)"
Reliquiae "Engel Im Schnee"
Falgalas "I Tried"
Traash Boo "Crulla"
First Aid 4 Souls "Cold Frozen Arts (Endzeit Edit)"
Mental Exile ft. LIGHTSHIFTERS "Her Only Wish"
• MONOTRONIC "Mädchen Mit Der Löwenmähne"
Psy'Aviah ft. Mari Kattman "Searching (11grams RMX)"
Excubitors "Zeit"
Am Tierpark "So Many Faces"
B with me "Be With Me" (Benefiz-Song)*
Rice Antony "Tra Di Noi"
Anni Hogan ft. John Fiddler "Lost In Blue"
Heinz Strunk "Deutsches Laub"
Ansgar Stock ft. Claus Jahn "Springtime Memories"

* = (comm. of the bands Life On Mars - official Site / District 13 / Egoamp / TWILIGHT-IMAGES (official))

Playlist #newmonday 18th edition 2019 

START: 2019-10-21 @8PM CET 
Rerun:  2019-10-28 @8PM CET 

Sick#Red "Kill Romance"
Opus "Halfway Done"
OXIC Inc. "Hypnotize Me (Club Mix)"
SCARY BLACK "The Crushing Weight"
Trentemøller "Sleeper"
The Coventry "Shifting Hands"
Inadream "Red Light"
Conscience "Dreamland"
Leger des Heils "Peaceful Hours"
Rue Oberkampf "La Course"
AGONOIZE "Blutgruppe Jesus (-)"
WÜLF7 "Wolf"
M-A-B "Traumwelt (Extended)"
reADJUST "Perfekter Körper"
Fïx8:Sëd8 "Funeral Dirge"
Enzo Kreft "Disobidient"
Faderhead "Watching The Watchers"
Mördelin "Black & Red"
Gimme Shelter "Jedesmal"
Third Realm "When The Sun Goes Down"
Form Follows Function "Falling Apart"
DomeniQus Intermundia "Barque"
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Spinning Song"
• Blue One Project ft. Miss Magic Pad "Traum"

Playlist #newmonday 21st edition 2019 

START: 2019-12-02 @8PM CET 
Rerun:  2019-12-09 @8PM CET 

Manntra "Yelena"
Brigitte Handley "After Dark"
Scherbentanz "Dampfmaschine"
CattaC "Ghost Of Mine"
On The Floor "Chain"
Ritualz "Ember Paradise"
Tiramist "Sting Like A Bee"
THYMIAN "Composure"
Twilight Melodies - Bianca Stücker & Rafaela Schützner "Vienna"
Wintry "Hörst Du Meine Worte (Ambient Rmx by Pieter Nooten Music)
• CygnosiC "Epiphany"
Dawn of Ashes "In The Acts Of Violence"
Mechanical Cabaret "Allow It"
DARK-O-MATIC "Past Trip"
Stars Crusaders "Army Of Impostors"
Eisfabrik "And Nothing Turns (Covenant (OFFICIAL) Version)"
Blutengel "Another Dream"
Mark E Moon "Electronic"
Reichsfeind "Riot"
Vestron Vulture "Suicide Club"
Lizette Lizette "Cuts"
A Covenant of Thorns "The Distance Between Us"
Mariuk "Echo"
• CYTO "Black Light"

Playlist #newmonday 1st edition 2020 

START: 20.01.2020  @8PM CET 
Rerun:  27.01.2020  @8PM CET 

Amore Ad Lunam "Salvation & Drug"
The Edge Of Reason (TEOR) "Insomnia"
Liquid Grey "Destination Nowhere"
Lacrimas Profundere "The Kingdom Solicitude"
False Memories "Whispers"
White Mansion "Faded"
Twin Tribes "Shrine"
• Nuovo Testamento "Love Alone"
NNHMN "Black Sun"
Mesa Luna "Shutting Down"
Zynik 14 "Glas, Stahl Und Beton"
Pete Crane "Hate Is All I Have"
Dicepeople "Rollercoaster"
Aircrash Bureau "Mit Voller Kraft (V 2.1)"
Les Anges De La Nuit "The Witch"
Chorea Minor "Fireroller"
Fleshtronic "Stars"
• Matrioshka Brain ft. Nelly Monk "Unknown Worlds"
Liya "No Meaning"
Antivote "Soulmates"
Balbina "Sonne."
Me///o & nikonn "Red Light"
• Vila "Oceanside"
• Adeptus Mechanicus "Expand"

Playlist #newmonday 4th edition 2020 

START: 02.03.2020  @8PM CET 
Rerun:  09.03.2020  @8PM CET 

Hot Hell RooM "One Ton Of Lies"
Raccoons "No Man's Land (Extended Version)"
Λευκή Συμφωνία Lefki Symphonia "San Ton Ilio"
Lord Travvis "Death Rock"
Schlagwetter "Meine Welt Zerbricht"
BÖSE FUCHS & SLY "Scream For Humanity"
Sonsombre "Remember Me"
Crooked Ghost "Bright White Noise"
Belavist "Humanidade Suburbano"
• GRANDEUR "Disco Famine"
• CSIBD ft. Paul Nanu "Dark Tribe"
My Love Kills "Silent Scream"
London Sadness "New God"
WOLF "Ich Hasse Dich (Radio Edit)"
Dancing Plague "Atrophy"
nine seconds "Living On Video (RMX)"
Esoterik "Seidhr"
Seven Federations "Syzygy"
Broken Up "Long Long Long"
Jonny Polonsky Music ft. Cedric Bixler-Zavala "Ghost Like Soul"
LorD and Master ft. Neil Francis Official "February Song"
Henriette "Missing You"
David J "Clandestine Valentine"
Christoph Schauer "Der Fluss"

Playlist #newmonday 8th edition 2020 

START: 27.04.2020  @8PM CET 
Rerun:  04.05.2020  @8PM CET 

Der Böll "HM&T"
DOOL "Wolf Moon"
Byronic Sex & Exile "Your Name On The Wind"
A Cloud of Ravens "The Earthen Call"
The secret french postcards "Failed In Your Eyes"
The Birthday Massacre "Diamonds"
Les Morts "Summer Off"
the rip "It Doesn't Matter"
Autumn Tears "Sentient Idols"
Chainreactor "Interlinked"
ELZ and the CULT "Horrified"
Funker Vogt "The Fallen Race"
Unterschicht "Ich Lass Mich Fallen"
State of the Union "Behind The Dress (Ruined Conflict RMX)"
Liquid Divine "Remember Tomorrow"
ASHES'N'ANDROID "Can't Count On You"
Agnieszka Leśna "Touch Me (Depeche Mode Mashup)"
Loveblind "War Planets"
AEX "Echoes (Single Edit)"
Irrlicht "Neuland (Grenzgaenger RMX)"
Leaether Strip vs Nature of Wires "A Heart So Divine (For Kurt)"
Electro Spectre "Lovelight (FM Maxi Mix)"
Julika Elizabeth "Thinking Of You"
Van Bloomen "Interludium 3"

Playlist #newmonday 9th edition 2020 

START: 18.05.2020  @8PM CET 
Rerun:  25.05.2020  @8PM CET 

Thanateros "Cthulhu Rising"
Vergeblichkeit "Ein Trüber Saphir"
Raven Said "She Comes To Me"
Paragon Cause "Fantasize"
In.Visible ft. clan of xymox "Can't Get You Out Of My Head"
NO MORE "Berlin Soul"
The Red Dots "Nightmare (remastered)"
BlueForge "Fading & Fall (On The Road Again Mix)"
I Am a Rocketship "False Impressions"
Arcana Obscura "Essence Of Fear"
Blank "Thanatosis (Single Version)"
Reflection "Destiny (Album Version)"
First Aid 4 Souls ft. Vain Sacrosanct "Stainless Steel Eyes"
avoid-a-void "Until I Paralyze (Klinghaus Mix)"
Fakeba & John Fryer "Diable"
Blue Ant "We Kill The Sun (Dead Code RMX)"
The Eternal Now "The Voice"
Octolab "Out In The Cold"
Francesca e Luigi "Watch Me Dance Tonight (7'RMX Edit)"
PALAST "Oh, Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison Cover)"
Zoodrake "Fear"
Agnes Obel "Camera's Rolling"
Rachel Nusbaumer - Music and soundtracks "Instinct"

Playlist #newmonday 11th edition 2020

START: 15.06.2020  @8PM CET 
Rerun:  22.06.2020  @8PM CET 

Forgotten Tomb "Nihilistic Estrangement" 
Battle Scream "Wie Im Krieg" 
Beauty In Chaos ft. Steven Seibold "Almost Pure" 
Seven Federations "Cairo" 
Blutlaich "What Is (Ich Bin Tot)" 
She Past Away "Narin Yalnızlık (Sahara Mix)"
chemical waves ft. Pedro (IAMTHESHADOW) "To The Deep" 
Karma Voyage "All Tomorrow's Parties" 
Snog "Death Is Only A Dream" 
Chris Keya "Figures (Original Mix)" 
Plastikstrom "Tanz Allein" 
StopTalk "Libertalia Hymn" 
MENSCHDEFEKT "Deliverance" 
Antilav "Love Will Never Die"  
• NeuroAxis (NeuroWulf) "Together Apart" 
• ETH (Egil Thomas Hansen) "Smallest Little Things" 
• Kay Burden with All Star Motivator "Mother Earth (Plike RMX)"
KAOS! "The Preacher" 
• Kim Lunner "Alone" 
Hante. "Run Lie Cry" 
Zolf & Saturn "The Tides Loop" 
Black Nail Cabaret "Maelstrom" 
Nina Fleisch "Wer Wär Ich Geworden"
Of The Wand & The Moon "Abendrot Im Walde" 

Playlist #newmonday 14th edition 2020 
START: 10.08.2020 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 17.08.2020 @8PM CET 

Ensiferum "The Defence Of The Sampo" 
Delta Enigma "Unreality" 
Joker Jasper "Moth" 
Ego Likeness "Wolves 2017" 
Seasurfer "Too Wild (Wires & Lights RMX)" 
The Alien Cormorant & Cecilia Miradoli "The Night Comes" 
Rosegarden Funeral Party ft. Aaron Mireles "Ghost Of You" 
3+Dead "Ghosts Generator"
Black Needle Noise & Anjela Piccard "She Talks To Angels"
New Haunts "Disown"
Synthetische Lebensform "Rustle Of Metal Springs"
Resistor "Mente Mecánica"
Error Enter Exit "Pandemania"
NonVersation "Omnia Sol Temperat"
SJÖBLOM "Not A Man For You (Shameless3030 RMX)"
SCHÖNGEIST "Sonne Der Nacht (Medium Version)"
Kasper Hate "Fairway"
Unitary "MKultra (Acretongue RMX - Remaster)" 
Erasure "Shot A Satellite"
ManMindMachine "RetroFuturist"
Christopher ANTON "Danger!"
ReveLever ft. Shannon Maree "Lost It All" 
Neuroactive ft. Technoir "Prinzessin (DAF Cover)" 
TOAL "Magic"
GÄBHARD "Shining Sepia's Dance" 

Playlist #newmonday 17th edition 2020 
START: 21.09.2020 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 28.09.2020 @8PM CET 

April Art "Break Out" 
Lautstärke "Hilf Mir" 
Seatemples "Holograms" 
Bootblacks "The Jealous Star"
Crying Vessel "The Third Covenant" 
Blind Delon "Cigarette" 
Christine Plays Viola "In The Dark" 
Mephisto Walz "Firefly" 
ORDER IN CHAOS "Strip You Down" 
likepuzzles "Vergänglichkeit" 
• Depresion Radikal "Latigo" 
Shhadows "Swamp Thing (The Chameleons Cover)" 
Herzschlag "Herzschlag" 
ElektroTerapi "Hate And Love (Dedalos RMX)" 
The Frixion "To Hell And Back (Mark Trueman's VIP Rmx)" 
The Brute : "Absolute Disgrace" 
CYFERDYNE "Breathe Deeper (Single Edit)" 
• Fused "Never Let Me Go (Metropolis Edit Mix)" 
N-Frequency "No Waste Of Time" 
Carlo Onda "Viele Grüße Aus Yokohama" 
The Rorschach Garden "Loose Your Love (Blancmange Cv.)" 
Jonny Polonsky Music "The Weeping Souls (Alain Johannes Rmx)" 
• Edwin Rosen "Die Sonne In Deinem Zimmer"
TC Newman, Skyline Tigers & Nexus2089 "Dome"  
Andreas Davids & Sven Phalanx "Far From Home" 

Playlist #newmonday 20th edition 2020 

START: 02.11.2020 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 09.11.2020 @8PM CET 

Schwarzer Engel "Kreuziget Mich" 
Chaos Inside "If I Was God" 
Kilanerin ft. Ben Rodgers Official "A War Against The World" 
Dreambleed "Once Upon A Lie" 
EXTRAMENSCH "Brenn Mit Mir" 
MANILA MOTEL "Another Day" 
Renard ft. Marian Gold "Hotel" 
Funeral Lakes "Earth Falls" 
Meanwhile Project Ltd "Seventyeight" 
Alanae "Hometree" 
Chem "DZP" 
Endzustand "Vaterland" 
• Sven Rebentisch x Milian Hardt "Longing" 
Klonavenus "Dies Irae" 
The Saint Paul ft. JP "Be A Rebel (Ruined Conflict RMX)" 
State of the Union "Rise Up!" 
CattaC "My Stormy Moon" 
Cyanbaal "Shimmering Darkness"
Train To Spain "Living Now" 
Reduced Silence "Last Dance" 
Rupesh Cartel "Diving Bell" 
Schwarzschild "Auf Allen Wegen" 
• The Fair Attempts "Blue Rose Park" 
Death Loves Veronica "Winter Never Comes" 
Kris 'Halo' Pierce "Re-Sleeve" 

Playlist #newmonday 23rd edition 2020 
START: 14.12.2020 @8PM CET 
Rerun: 21.12.2020 @8PM CET 

• Slaverty "Enchanted Forest" 
• Thanateros "Black Tide" 
• Break Me Down "The Pond" 
• Madisyn Whajne "Dagger" 
• Tombstone In Their Eyes "Another Day" 
• Soul In Sadness "Strangers" 
• InDecision "DoubleA" 
• Alone In My Room "Drunk And Alone" 
• The Villions "Lamentation Of Moon" 
• Black Rose Burning "Glowing" 
• Ashes'n'Android "Sync Bizarre (H20 RMX)" 
• Das Kelzer "Nach Dem Schmerz" 
• Spektralized "Caterpillar (Assemblage 23 RMX)" 
• Dead Astronauts "Forgetting Me" 
• Blutengel & Massive Ego "Nothing But A Void" 
• Ego Bliss "Unforseen" 
• Dagon "No More Running" 
• Obsession Of Time "Don't Look Back (Damokles RMX)" 
• J:Dead "Feeding On Me (Grendel RMX)" 
• The Stir Fry Pop Star "Your Perfect Touch" 
• Platronic "Dreams" 
• CT One "Schicksal Als Chance" 
• Wings Of Destiny ft. Timo Tolkki "Forever" 
• The Devil & The Universe / M.Howden "In The Black Midwinter"
• Jens Ladwig "Part III - Hymn Of Hope" 


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